Sunday, March 9, 2014

Police Helping VCH to imprison Patient

Audrey Laferriere
4:30 PM (1 minute ago)

to district4, JAG.Minister, Richard, richard.hay, Romilda, Tanvirezohra, kip, Sam, James
Yesterday I asked the police to lay charges against George Pearson Centre for imprisoning Randy and your officer refused.  Randy wanted to see me and yet your officer did not even go to the ward to ask him nor did he look at the letter I have from a lawyer that says that I have authority to access Randy. 
Can you explain why you failed not to charge George Pearson Centre with imprisoning Randy..  Randy has a constitutional right to come and go sick or not sick. Why are you breaking the law..
Also for you information Dr. James Dunne, the doctor who attempted to killl Randy by a DNR/DNT is no longer Randy's doctor so why is he still issuing orders for him. Randy is terrorified of him and so am I yet he still continues to be his physician.  This is unacceptable and cruel..
You get abused by a doctor and you are sent back to him to be abused more.  There is something terribily wrong.  And the police is saying it is okay.  I think not.

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