Thursday, March 20, 2014

Randy Sick

Audrey Laferriere

7:54 AM (0 minutes ago)

to Romilda, Tanvirezohra
I understand Randy is feeling better today so I want to see him at the curbside at 1:30 pm.  I also want a written statement given to me of his vitals on each day from now on. I will attend at the curbside each day to get it. If I cannot see him at the crubside each day then I want access to his bedside as he may be dying as it takes only a short time for a fever to pitch and cause death.
 You have a mother in extended care, how would you feel if you couldn't see her.

I got an email from Ro Ang yesterday that said I could not see Randy at the curbside i.e. off GPC property because Randy had a temperature and she won't let Randy see me.  Randy always has a fever it is part of his base line after his accident.  I replied and said  if Randy has a fever that he can't get out of bed and be transported to the curbside (off GPC property) then I want to see him at his bedside. No response.  Dr. Dunne signs an affidavit saying Randy has plateaued and now Randy is too sick because of a low grade fever to see me.

In any event I went to the sidewalk in front of GPC with a sign that I was banned from seeing Randy who is dying by GPC because staff is afraid of me.  I was hoping that staff or someone would be a witness and tell Ro that this isn't true.

As for our friend Kevin the security guard with a title he is writing policy for VCH.his report says that he interviewed only eight people:
Romilda Ang, Manager George Pearson Centre
Tanvireozohra Battawala, Resident CARE COODINATOR GEORGE Person Centre
Karen Marshall, Paladin Security Officer, George Pearson Centre
Bob Van Uytfanck, Paladin Security Officer, Supervisor George Pearson Centre
Richard Singleton, Director Risk Management, Vancovuer Community
Terru Asj. :ead Cpprdomatpr. Omtegrated {rptectopm Servoces. Vancouver Copastal Health
Dr. George Nemetz, Private Psychologist, Critical Incident Stress Debrief Facilator
Sam Greenspoon, Social Worker (George Person C

Officer Marshall described Ms. Laferriere as extremely upset and observed her attempting to "hot or run over" staff with Mr. Walker's electronic wheelchair.  Clinicial staff atttempted to stop Ms. Laferriere from holding Mr. Walker's wheelchair.  This from a professional observer who should have known that I and Randy had the right to leave George Pearson Centre at anytime.  She as well as the rest of the mob assaulted me and imprisoned Randy and me.  But then Kevin's report doesn't say anything about that.

NOTE:  Randy does not have an electronic wheelchair which I agree could be used as a dangerous vehicle considering how heavy these wheelchairs are.  They twist everything.  The point is they created the situation not me.  And this whole thing has nothing to do with what happened on October 22, 2013, it has everything to do with the fact that management doesn't want me near the hospital so I can report on any medical misadventures like putinig DNRs on residents without their knowledge or reporting that the heart monitor machines were not calibrated thereby causing risk a real risk to Randy and other patients.  They want to cover up everything because he may die at anytime and GPC doesn't have the staff to monitor him continuously or even the skill as to how hat they would do if his heart rate reached over 155 again.  They are not experienced in agressive resuscitation or have cardiac drugs to lower his heart rate.  I asked that they have a nurse 24/7 with him but they refused and they also refuse to have me be at his bedside.  They are cruel and another medical adventure is waiting to happen to Randy.

It was Kevin  who put the words into Richard Singleton's letter to deny me access to Randy:

1.  all questions from Mrs. Laferriere should be directed to the Resident Care Coordinator (rather than to the nurses who nurse Randy).
2.  Two staff present when interacting with Ms. Laferriere (what a joke, suggesting that I attack the nurses)
3.  Priorize staff safety (Staff have always been safe except when they broke the law and caused violence  October 22 2013 incident wherein the staff attacked me and Randy).
4.  Call 911 or security for support as appropriate (It has always been me who phoned 911 to protect Randy's rights from unlawful confinement)
5. Specific visiting hours and he later he says I should never be allowed on VCH property so how can I visit Randy
6.  Not to go beyond Mr. Walker's rooom (considering they moved him to a ward, he doesn't have a room)
7.  Not to visit other residents or family at GPC (I have been prevented free speech and association).  There is no affidavits from any resident, family, or staff to say that they agree with this.

All these recommendations are contained in the two letters that Richard Singleton wrote me. And as soon as I learn how to scan them I will post them.

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