Monday, March 3, 2014

Trespass Act not to imprison

Audrey Laferriere

4:20 AM (0 minutes ago)

to district4
I was told that the purpose of the trespass act was to prevent trespass for those with criminal intent. It is not to be used as a vehicle to imprison someone which is what is happening with Randy.  There has been no suggestion that I am a harm to Randy. 

This whole scenario is only to keep me from talking about what happened on November 18 2013, the day Randy should have died.  Dunne knew or should have known that a Do Not Resuscitate Order would mean certain death for Randy as Randy had a temperature that afternoon and without access to acute care he would have died.
VCH is using the trespass act to imprison Randy and cause him psychological harm.  Just to remind you Randy is bedridden and cannot speak or communicate easily.  I am sure he is terrified of most of the staff at GPC.
How is it a man who tried to kill Randy on November 18 2013 is still his doctor. 

Public policy demands that Randy's rights be guaranteed.

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