Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Sunday was a terrible day for me.  Thinking of Randy and thinking that I will never see him again alive.  The medical system is broken if this is the way they treat patients and their families.  Not once during Randy's interment did VCH do anything to make sure that banning is not used as a instrument of first resort.  They offered no intervention as to why this occurred and occurred for so long.  Management did nothing, Worksafe did nothing, the Unions did nothing.  If staf or residents were traumatized in anyway you would think that intervention counselling would happen, but it didn't.

During the times Randy was at St. Pauls or at Vancouver General Hospitals 1.5 years there were no incidents but at GPC I was bullied and denied the right to be at Randy's bedside for what reason I do not know.  Each incident was provoked by GPC and yet when I stood up for Randy I get further banned.  One of the doctors said GPC was purgatory: a place where the residents are soon to die.  This was also relayed to me by Ro the manager of GPC that all the residents know that they are going to die so that is why they all have DNRs and DNT Orders on them.  The more intelligent of the residents chose to withdraw life support.  They give up.  It is as simple as that. And to help those in purgatory, heart arrests are arranged by staff setting the heart alarms to alarm after a resident's heart rate is in excess of 150 bpm: too late to do anything especially if the resident has a DNT on him.

I have reported this to the police, the Ministry of Health, the medical review people, to management, and what reward do I get, I can't even see Randy on the curb (sidewalk) for five or ten mnutes.  What bastards they are


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