Sunday, March 2, 2014

This morning being Sunday I called Randy's Ward 2 to ask about him.  The nurse said I could not talk to Randy and neither could she talk to me.  What is George Pearson Centre doing: imprisoning Randy.  These uneducated health care professional better start educating themselves.  GPC are cruel heartless and totally without ethics.  They should know that Randy's psychological health is in jeopardy and they just continue to ignore him. But of course if you can't see what is happening that makes it even worse.

I am sure the woman I spoke to this morning was Stephanie the one that started the October 22nd 2013 incident and kept;lying about it.  She must lie other wise she would be in the wrong. She is still in the wrong.  She got a hoard of staff to attack me on Ward 2 and then say it was I who attacked them. 

I am Randy's Representative and if VCH doesn't follow the law how can any of us trust it.  They putt DNR Orders are patients without them knowing, they don't tell patients or even family members the truth about the care the person is getting.

 And now my restrictions are getting more tight.

One way of getting around the total three month ban was that I would ask that Randy be taken to the curbside so I could be with him for ten minutes and now they are indicating that only when it is convenient to them; no weekends; no evenings.  No phone calls.  I do not understand who they protecting or do they just do not want me to talk to any of the residents or families at GPC.  I think it is the latter.

What they did to Randy was criminal.  Putting a DNR Order on him without his consent and even when he wasn't terminal in the hope that he gets a pneumonia and his temperature rises and his heart rate speeds to a cardiac arrest.  VCH are deflecting from the issue.

I will ask the police for their policy re imprisonment and hopefully they can lay a charge against GPC.

A friend of ours called and said the security was interfering with  him to see Randy.  I phoned Ward 2 to clear this up and the RN as soon as she recognized my voice hung up on me.   I was told last week that visitors could visit as long as they want and now it is only fifteen minutes.  Policies change so quickly at GPC.

My friend said a security guard stood in front of Randy and my friend could not continue the visit and he was told that he was being asked to leave.  Provocation., GPC is really good at it.  And of course Stephanie is in the backgound and now my friend said that the police were called and are there now. And Karen the manager of secuirty was there.  This manager is incapable of seeing the truth either.   And GPC threatened two other friends last week with calling the police. Why is it that nothing happens to these dysfunctionals and we are paying for them to play..  .

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