Saturday, April 26, 2014

25 April 2014

I was hoping that Randy's funeral would go easily but it seems that it wll be delayed for a few days.  Yesterday before I knew of the delay I purchase three buckets of carnations, a cut flower that can last for up to three months.  Even in death Randy has to wait to be put in his resting place.  I now have four sympathy cards and all of them are very thoughtful.

I asked GPC if they would give me Randy's wool coverlettes and his new Steelers t-shirts and they have refused.  They want me to take everything in plastic bags without an inventory and I can't be on the property..They will put the possessions on the sidewalk then by taxi without an inventory..  Even in death they won't do one extra thing. Denying a man a few possession in his grave seems a bit mean. Oh, well by Monday they might change their mind. And to make it more interesting the Public Trustee seized all his possessions so I can't get them anyways.  Why are they interested in a man who has no money.  What next they are going to seize his body so I can't bury him. 

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