Saturday, April 5, 2014

Back to VGH with Septis

Septis is the leading cause of death in ICU's in the USA.

Randy was sent back to VGH with septis yesterday before 1:30 pm.

When I went to VGH I was prevented to see Randy because of the banning letter which security waved in my face.

I asked security to contact VGH's lawyer, or Richard Singleton or Ro.  And they refused they said the letter was their authority.

Randy is dying and they are relying on a stupid piece of paper and they won't even confirm it.  A piece of paper says kill, and they kill. Even the military isn't allow to do this.  VCH is beyond the law; VCH is beyond God.

I sat on the sidewalk and waited for five hours until a friend came by and said Randy was as stable as can be expected and later on he phoned me to say he was sent to an ICU step down unit, not good..

And here I am his wife, a person discredited for no reason just because VCH targets people without due process, just with hearsay evidences and lies.  One bad judgment leads to one cover up lie and that lie leads to another and another.

I was hoping by now someone would phone me and say I can go and see Randy but nothing.

I was told that all those that could make a decision about relaxing the banning letter were out of town on a conference. 

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