Friday, April 11, 2014

Randy in ICU

Randy at ICU VGH

I just got a phone call that Randy has taken a turn for the worse and he is at ICU.  I do not know what to say to all those who was part in the banning.

What harm did I do.  Everything I did was for Randy. Overstaying visiting hours is hardly a reason for a total ban. Defending myself and Randy against a hoard of staff who battered me and it has been turned around to say it is my fault.  I feel whenever I have to deal with the health authority that I live in a country where I have no rights.  You are judged by hearsay by dysfunctional individual who delight in causing harm.  Bullies. The hospital system is full of them.

When I went to the ICU even though I had a court order to see Randy I had to wait two hours. The ICU had to wait for a copy of the order to be delivered to them.  And I was told not to talk to anyone and I could not use any lounges if I was asked to leave Randy's room.  I had to wait off VCH's property.  I am sure he has septic shock; he had laboured breathing, and a high temperature.  He could not recognize me.  

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