Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Randy's Stuff

I haven't been able to unpack Randy's belonging yet.  I just couldn't.  I was afraid that if any of his belongings were missing and I would become upset and I am tired of being upset.  GPC won't even let me on site to pick up his stuff.  A friend of my went there and she said that Randy's stuff was in garbage bags in a common area that anyone could rifle though.  I asked for an inventory but GPC refused to do one.  I know his memory foam pillow which I purchased for him went missing in December 2013 and his stand for his television was thrown out without notifying me.

I want to know why Karen Marshall, a security guard, put a choke hold on me when I was attempting to remove Randy lawfully from GPC: October 2013.  Paladin Security isn't suppose to touch anyone so why did she do this to me.  Practising her martial arts on an old lady.  I told the police I wanted her charged and the police did nothing. And there was Brad who stood at the entrance to the visitior's room when I was inside in a boxing stance with his fists up threatening to punch me if I attempted to leave the room.  Once you get labeled by VCH you are open season for abuse. Where do these people come from that encourage violence.


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