Saturday, August 30, 2014

April 13 2014 ICU VGH 3:00 pm

Quote from the Second Edition of Privileged Presence: Personal Stories of Connections in Health Care, by Liz Crocker & Bev Johnson, page 230.

"The wife knew that the end was near and asked the nurse if she could get into bed with her husband and snuggle.  And the answer was, Of course you can, dear."


This isn't what happened to me when I asked the nurse who had twenty years experience in the ICU if I could lay down next to Randy for a few minutes.

The nurse said  NO.  I said why not.  The nurse said that it was not allowed as it was a liability issue. I asked what liability. The nurse then said that the bed Randy was dying on belonged to the hospital.

I was taken aback with the refusal and the stupid reasoning, and backed slowly into an alcove.

As I stood there, slightly out of sight, two Paladin security guards ran to the pod questioning "where is she, where is she."  The nurse had called security.

What was security going to do: pull me out of the room by my hair screaming.

This VCH did to me and Randy.  This I will never forgive.

If you find this behavior vomitoid by VGH, email Randy's MLA, Moira Stilwell. or phone her office at 604.660.8360 and tell her so.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Deconstructing Calder's Erroneous Report Amended 29/08/14

The frist Paragraph 1 wrote by me is missing.  I will have to reconstruct it in the next day or two.  

*The paragraph missing had to do with Calder's recommendation that I be permanently restricted from attending George Pearson Centre and from all other VCH facilities and this was incorporated in the Notice of Trespass letter I received on January 29 2014 and what risk management said.* 

Unless staff and Dr. Dunne are harshly interrogated by the police as if they were terrorists rather than saints, I will never know.  If I had not been there on November 18 2013 and December 26 2013 during my limited access to Randy and I calling 911 Randy would have died. Because of the missing paragraph, this sentence was to refer if the staff or Dr. Dunne shut off Randy's heart monitor (the audio).  This was conveniently countered later by Paladin Security who said the alarm was on after I brought it to management's attention.  Anything to save Palladin's multimillion contract with VCH. Randy's heart rate was 142 and 155 and maybe beyond.  In Randy's frail condition his heart rate should have been alarmed at 100.

The staff was instructed not to call 911 because Randy had a DNR on him. Randy did not have terminal cancer, he had respiratory problems, maybe a pneumonia (an infection), he wasn't at the end of a painful cancer death because he did not have cancer; he had a spinal cord injury due to an acquired brain injury. 

My ideation is that Mr. Calder be run out of his profession post haste.

His report was given to WorkSafeBC, Vancouver Coastal Health and the Public Guardian and Trustee. And now it is a court record accessible to the public in the Supreme Court Registry.
(Action No. S142003).

How could Vancouver Coastal Health commission such a disparaging report.

On a lighter note, I have custody of Randy's doggie being a mixed terrier-poodle. It is so spolit that it won't eat anything unless I feed him by spoon or else from my hand.   I suspect it is his way of getting undivided attention from me.  Like Randy when he stubbornly refused for months to have the respiratory technicians tend to him after they took away his passey-muir talking valve...  I blame myself for not fighting harder for Randy...They had no right to take away his means of communication limited although it could have been.  The first word he spoke to me as he looked at me and this is documented in his health record was the word "stupid."  And that is exactly what I am: stupid and also stupid for believing in the system.

Friday, August 22, 2014

August 22 2014

I checked with the court registry this afternoon to see if the two missing affidavits had appeared.  No.

I do not know what was in the affidavits that was so important.  Maybe it had something to do with not telling the truth.

In any event, I came across an email of one of the supposed "offending emails" I sent to Dr. James Dunne with cc to Dr. John Fleetham. One of the emails that caused Dr. Fleetham to abandon Randy as he could not provide Randy with objective care and one over which Dr. Dunne threatened to resign.

I did not receive a reply to this email.It took Dunne and Fleetham ten months to make mention of it or the one dated May 16, 2013.

Audrey Laferriere


to james.dunne, john.fleetham, frank.ryan
Further to my email to you dated May 16, 2013, to which you have not
replied to.  Please do.  

I also want to know why you are refusing to give Randy an oxygen tank
 for use when he is off site.  Someone telling me that he doesn't fit the 
criteria for home funding does not ring true or Ro telling me that an 
oxygen tank might explode the likelihood so remote that such a statement
is rendered ridiculous. Note:  I was given a second opinion saying that if Randy
was off site and was having difficulty the only thing that would save him would
be oxygen. I offered to pay for the oxygen.

Just like Randy cannot have a passey muir valve so he can speak
because there is no funding to monitor him.  I read the passey muir
web site and it says a passey muir valve helps swallowing so how can
you say that he can't swallow therefore he can't have a passey muir
valve. Randy can swallow, how else can he be rid of his mouth saliva.
I do not believe that you or you staff understands fully what a passey muir

Your rationalization that suctioning only be as needed is based
when a patient is in intensive care and there is one-to-one nursing
and not in a ward with closed curtains and one nurse overseeing ten
patients as she walks down the middle of the ward each fifteen
minutes (????).
NOTE: At times you can't even find a nurse on the ward.
They have no schedule they just walk by whenever whenever that is.

Even telling me that Randy can't have the curtains open in
the ward puts him at risk as staff cannot see him.  

I want Randy safe and it seems that you are doing everything possible
to make sure he is not safe.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Assisted Suicide in Oregon

Stats from Oregon tell us that the reasons people ask for assisted suicide are loss of autonomy (93%), loss of ability to engage in enjoyable activities (89%) and feelings of being a burden on family, friends/caregivers (49%).

What this says to me those that want assisted suicide have been abandoned. All three reasons could be alleviated by a caring community.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Finding No. 4 Calder's Workplace Violence Assessment

4.  Ms. Laferriere has identified specific individuals in emails and in the internet blog.  These include Richard Singleton, Risk Management, Romilda Ang, George Pearson Manager, Tanvirenzoha Batlawala, Resident Care Co-ordinator, Sam Greenspan, Social Worker, and Dr. Dunne, Mr. Walker's physicians.  

Why is this an issue.  These are the people that I was told to deal with.  Was I not suppose to send them emails just discuss things verbally so there is no evidence to counter whatever these people might say. I know of no incident where any of these people ran from me or even cut a meeting short. 

And to think the taxpayer is paying for this idiotic report.

Finding #2 was even more stupid.

It is reasonable to conclude that Ms Laferriere recognizes that her behavior, actions, communications and contacts would cause fear, anxiety, and humiliation and intimidate workers.

So it is my fault. This assumption is ridiculous and illogical.

Where did Calder get this from. A clairvoyant. It was the other way around: staff and security intimidated me and caused me fear, anxiety, and humiliation to the point that before I went to George Pearson Centre to see Randy I had to take a valium to ensure that I be calm.  This is documented by my personal physician.  I did everything possible to avoid any type of interaction or conflict with staff. I did not want to get physically assaulted by them again. Violence does scare you into compliance or flight especially at seventy years old and weighing 100 pounds.. Staff was told not to talk to me so there was no real verbal interaction except the barest of pleasantries.

I expressed my displeasure with being bullied to management in January 2010-2011.  They just ignored my pleas. The social worker did not keep my notes I wrote to him, and Risk Management just looked into space when I talked to him.

If the result of this report wasn't so tragic it would be laughable.  Staff at GPC treated me with great disrespect and contempt and now this "expert" with his libel. And all the while Randy being denied his constitutional rights (1) not having a say in his treatment and (2) being imprisoned (no security of person) not to mention my rights were violated.

Calder's evidence is 35 pages long, a long way to go yet...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Critical Care Nurse Fast Facts

Critical Care Nurse Vol 28, No. 2, April 2008


According to estimates, 30% to 40% of patients do not receive care consistent with current scientific evidence.  That was in April 2008, with VCH's Mean Management's Best Practices it is most likely higher than that in 2014.

Do not instill normal saline (physiological salt solution) before endotracheal suctioning.  VCH is doing this and this process probably is causing infections. The salt causes colonized bacteria to dislodge. I opposed the use of this but still saw the pink saline bullets at Randy's bedside.

Turning critically ill patients every two hours may not be enough to preserve the oxygenating ability of the lungs or to prevent healthcare-acquired pneumonia.  I have never seen GPC turn Randy or any other patient and Randy had pneumonia often

Four Month Anniversary of Randy's Death

Yesterday being August 13 2014 has been four months since Randy died a painless death at VGH.  I can still free the climate of the room and see the heart monitor as it would not flat line for hours and hours and then at 7:55 pm it stopped and my Randy was dead.  I was holding his hand and apologizing to him that I was so so sorry that I didn't do enough to save him.  I stayed to 11:00 pm waiting for the doctor to sign off.  I covered his face after an hour as he was turning ashen in colour and I knew his long fight was over. He wanted to be with me.  The greatest gift of love and I wasn't able to reciprocate.  I am so so so sorry, Randy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dunne's Missing Affidavit

I keep thinking what could have been in Dunne's Affidavit that someone would want it to go missing. 

Back to deconstructing Calder's Affidavit which was filed on March 17 2014 paragraph 8, Calder was advised by "hearsay evidence" that Mrs. Laferriere attempted to "hit or run over" the GPC staff with Mr. Walker's electronic wheel chair.  Randy did not have a 2000 pound power chair, it was a light weight manual wheelchair that could be navigated with a finger. I agree power chairs can maine and kill. I only wanted to move the aluminum light weight wheelchair out of the building.  I did not go chasing anyone. The investigator Calder did not even check out whether or not Randy had a power chair. So much for expert testimony. The use of such a word would of course cause a judge to think the worst.  To remind the readers, the incident of October 21/22 2013 was self defence. 

The staff attacked Randy and me so that I could not take Randy off the site which I believed was an unsafe and toxic environment and he wanted to go. They impeded our exit. This was illegal. A few days later, this was confirmed by Risk Management. Randy was imprisoned and the police would not charge those that assaulted and imprisoned us. What I do not understand although what I did was legal, why did VCH keep using this incident as its privotal point to get me banned 100%. All they have to do is mention a violent incident without why and the media would not get involved. The media has judged you and that avenue is closed to you.

I read in the Metro today that Barneys department store in the US settled a racial profile case for $525,000. I think I should get the same amount from VCH for criminally profiling me. I will deposit the money in Randy's foundation with its mandate to demand no banning except if the person did a criminal act causing physical damage and then only for a specific time period.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Press Release to IPFCC

On Friday I attended at the Vancouver Convention.  I handed out 200 Press Releases.  The convention was attended by 700. I saw no one from VCH.

8 August 2014

TO: 6th International Conference on Patient and Family Centered Care
        Bayshore, Vancouver, B.C.


 Woman banned from all Vancouver Coast Health Facilities on January 29 2014 for disrespectful conduct for ninety days while husband is dying at George Pearson Centre. (with a threat that it will be extended forever)

Woman unable to access husband until she alone self-litigated and got a court order only long enough to watch him die from what could have been a preventable urinary track infection in Vancouver General Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit on 13 April 2014.  I saw him for ninety minutes him being non responsive before being sent to ICU. 

Disrespectful or not, this woman should have had access to her husband 24/7 because of his fragile health and not a cruel banning.  One complaint was that she sent emails to Kip Woodward, the chairman of the Board of Vancouver Coastal Health.  Another one was she was being too friendly with the residents and visitors and she was barred from talking to them. She was also barred from talking to the nursing staff and Randy’s doctors. Randy was 57 years old. 

Randy’s right to security of person was violated by VCH.  He was imprisoned. He had no right to see who he wanted, when he wanted or where he wanted. This was part of his health care plan for which he was denied.  Since he was dying I should have been there. Randy had a spinal cord injury, an ABI and a trach so he could not talk. Because of $rationing he was denied a passey-muir talking valve.

Randy gave Audrey the lawful rights given under BC legislation : the Representation Agreement and an Enduring Power of Attorney both of which VCH refused to honour. And a will dated in 2006.

Audrey Jane Laferriere
5976 Cambie Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V5Z 3A9

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Supreme Court Registry August 5, 2014

I went to check the input computer file at the registry and there were six affidvits filed ; four were in the file and two were missing.  Dr. Dunne's affidavit of March 17 was missing as well as Louise's dated April 2 was missing.  Affidavits are evidence.  And evidence filed in court isn't suppose to go missing.

I suspect that Clark Wilson decided to throw Tanu Batlawala under the bus as her Affidavit was still in the file.   I hope she has proof of everything she said in her affidavit but then maybe she doesn't have to as she never wrote the affidavit.  It was written by Monica Muller, VCH's in-house solicitor, and Tanu just signed it.

I tried to send an email to Jennifer on August 3, 2014.  The reply was as follows (which I cut and pasted from my email).

Aug 3 (3 days ago)

Due to unforeseen cirumstances, I will be out of the office immediately until the end of summer.
Please contact Jackie Chow at if this message is urgent.
I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

After Jennifer's criticisms of her profession ashamed she was of registered nurses and the Fraser Health Authority surrounding the death of her mother, I suspect she was asked to vacate her office at VGH immediately and she only had a few seconds to write the above email. I hope I am not wrong.  So, where is Jennifer Timer. Perhaps, Pamela Fayerman the Sun reporter on the two Timer articles might know.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Jennifer Timer and Fraser Health Authority

I read Nurse (Jennifer Timer) criticizes 'condescending' response to mom's death in the Vancouver Sun on July 31 2014.

"A letter such as this may placate families without a health-care background but, as a PhD-educated former intensive care nurse, I find it condescending.  I am going to deconstruct this letter and everything that is wrong with their response and I am definitely taking it higher."

Jennifer mentions that patient safety should alway trump patient privacy.  This is the complete opposite of what I was told each time I worried about Randy not being in the line of sight of the nursing staff at George Pearson Centre.  Although it was an open ward the patients in the next bed always had the curtains closed for privacy leaving Randy isolated and him being unable to use a call bell or call out. This was policy said Dr. Dunne as well as Ro the manager and Tanu the head nurse.  Many nights I feared that because of this policy that Randy would die because he couldn't call out for help as no one would see him struggling and they would cover it up and say it was a natural death rather than culpable homicide. 

I am going to do as Jennifer said in her comments to the Sun that she was going to deconstruct the Fraser Health Authority's letter ... I am going to do the same with the Report of Kevin Calder who was commissioned to do a risk assessment report on me i.e. a criminal profile. It is 16 pages long with a 4 page affidavit.  It should take me weeks maybe months deconstructing each sentence.   I suspect VCHA told Kevin what the result of his report should say and he designed the report to reflect it.  The information was gathered between December 20 2013 and January 8, 2014.  Mr. Calder never spoke to me.

.  Ms. Laferriere poses a high risk of workplace violence (affective violence) in the form of punching, slapping, pushing and verbal abuse and agression.
.  Ms. Laferriere poses a low risk of predatory violence (targeted homicide)
.  Ms. Laferriere poses a high risk of ongoing bullying and harassing behaviour directed at VCH employees.

I had no idea that these things happened and I was that person.

VCHA has gone too far; it is not the CIA or the FBI.  I only wanted from the beginning to look after Randy and make friends for him at GPC so Randy would have friends there because he can't talk and he was always a loner.  Calder never even talked to Randy.  Randy can nod yes or no. 

Anyone that hires an ex security guard to write a criminal profile on anyone only shows the extreme measures VCHA will go to to discredit/demoralize someone.  And to think this report did have a bearing on the result of me not seeing Randy for weeks before he died because WorkSafe BC and the Public Guardian and Trustee got involved.

See below August 1 2014 post as well ...

Louise Kokotallo

I was downtown yesterday being July 31, 2014, and I decided to check on the court file which had my application to access Randy.

An Affidavit sworn by Louise Kokotailo was missing.  I reported it to the supervisor of the department and he agreed that Louise's affidavit wasn't in the file.  I asked him to check his computer records of documents filed and again it did not show up.  Interesting.  Louise Kokotailo is what in my time would be described as a secretary to the now Chairman of the Board of Vancouver Coastal Health, Kip Woodward. In the Affidavit were allegations that were not true.   What is this VGH Watergate.

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