Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Deconstructing Calder's Erroneous Report Amended 29/08/14

The frist Paragraph 1 wrote by me is missing.  I will have to reconstruct it in the next day or two.  

*The paragraph missing had to do with Calder's recommendation that I be permanently restricted from attending George Pearson Centre and from all other VCH facilities and this was incorporated in the Notice of Trespass letter I received on January 29 2014 and what risk management said.* 

Unless staff and Dr. Dunne are harshly interrogated by the police as if they were terrorists rather than saints, I will never know.  If I had not been there on November 18 2013 and December 26 2013 during my limited access to Randy and I calling 911 Randy would have died. Because of the missing paragraph, this sentence was to refer if the staff or Dr. Dunne shut off Randy's heart monitor (the audio).  This was conveniently countered later by Paladin Security who said the alarm was on after I brought it to management's attention.  Anything to save Palladin's multimillion contract with VCH. Randy's heart rate was 142 and 155 and maybe beyond.  In Randy's frail condition his heart rate should have been alarmed at 100.

The staff was instructed not to call 911 because Randy had a DNR on him. Randy did not have terminal cancer, he had respiratory problems, maybe a pneumonia (an infection), he wasn't at the end of a painful cancer death because he did not have cancer; he had a spinal cord injury due to an acquired brain injury. 

My ideation is that Mr. Calder be run out of his profession post haste.

His report was given to WorkSafeBC, Vancouver Coastal Health and the Public Guardian and Trustee. And now it is a court record accessible to the public in the Supreme Court Registry.
(Action No. S142003).

How could Vancouver Coastal Health commission such a disparaging report.

On a lighter note, I have custody of Randy's doggie being a mixed terrier-poodle. It is so spolit that it won't eat anything unless I feed him by spoon or else from my hand.   I suspect it is his way of getting undivided attention from me.  Like Randy when he stubbornly refused for months to have the respiratory technicians tend to him after they took away his passey-muir talking valve...  I blame myself for not fighting harder for Randy...They had no right to take away his means of communication limited although it could have been.  The first word he spoke to me as he looked at me and this is documented in his health record was the word "stupid."  And that is exactly what I am: stupid and also stupid for believing in the system.

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