Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dunne's Missing Affidavit

I keep thinking what could have been in Dunne's Affidavit that someone would want it to go missing. 

Back to deconstructing Calder's Affidavit which was filed on March 17 2014 paragraph 8, Calder was advised by "hearsay evidence" that Mrs. Laferriere attempted to "hit or run over" the GPC staff with Mr. Walker's electronic wheel chair.  Randy did not have a 2000 pound power chair, it was a light weight manual wheelchair that could be navigated with a finger. I agree power chairs can maine and kill. I only wanted to move the aluminum light weight wheelchair out of the building.  I did not go chasing anyone. The investigator Calder did not even check out whether or not Randy had a power chair. So much for expert testimony. The use of such a word would of course cause a judge to think the worst.  To remind the readers, the incident of October 21/22 2013 was self defence. 

The staff attacked Randy and me so that I could not take Randy off the site which I believed was an unsafe and toxic environment and he wanted to go. They impeded our exit. This was illegal. A few days later, this was confirmed by Risk Management. Randy was imprisoned and the police would not charge those that assaulted and imprisoned us. What I do not understand although what I did was legal, why did VCH keep using this incident as its privotal point to get me banned 100%. All they have to do is mention a violent incident without why and the media would not get involved. The media has judged you and that avenue is closed to you.

I read in the Metro today that Barneys department store in the US settled a racial profile case for $525,000. I think I should get the same amount from VCH for criminally profiling me. I will deposit the money in Randy's foundation with its mandate to demand no banning except if the person did a criminal act causing physical damage and then only for a specific time period.


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