Thursday, November 6, 2014

Being handicapped with a doggie, pouring rain, and a taxi

Yesterday was a long day.  As I exited a Blacktop cab at 8:00 in the morning my shoes got soaking wet from the pouring rain.  All day I had no shoes or socks.  I was barefoot and cold. When I have to wait I usually read but I forgot my glasses at home so the day went very slowly.  The good thing was that I had an extra pair of Depends.

I had to wait until 4:00 at which time I phoned for a Blacktop cab with a lift to pick me and Missey from Boundary and Lougheed so that we can get home.  It was pouring rain again.  The dispatcher ;said a cab would be there shortly.  I waited twenty minutes and I knew it would not be coming shortly as the cab would have called my cell saying it was in the neighbourhood.  The lady at the professional building said she would talk to Blacktop as my fear that no cab would arrive was unfounded. 

So from thereon she tried every twenty to thirty minutes to call Blacktop as to the ETA and was told that I was on the high priority list.  It turned out that I was on the high priority list to be avoided.  Finally at 5:00 o'clock the woman was told that Blacktop only had two vans and both were in downtown Vancouver. Not true. Blacktop has at least 27 vans.  Finally at 6:30 my cell phone rings and it was a Blacktop cabbie responding to my 4:00 o'clock call. He had just dropped off a fare on Hastings and Boundary and saw my call on his display.  The dispatcher was lying as no cab was ever on its way.
This whole thing flashed back to 2011 when I tried to get a cab for myself and the doggies at the Delta Hotel downtown Vancouver.  It was pouring rain.  Two cabs refused to take us as two passengers were doggies.  Finally, what seemed like hours a cab came who was willing to take us to 41st and Cambie. Again the weather was pouring rain and I soaking wet. 

On top of the $30.00 fare I had to pay $15.00 for Missey.  A handicapped person in a wheelchair that required a van would have not be charged $15.00 and he would have been more work than a doggie who just laid on the floor of the van. I got very bad service from Blacktop which was witnessed because I was handicapped with a doggie. 

I still haven't unpacked Randy's belongings from George Pearson Centre  as I know there will be a flood of emotion when I touch each item of clothing.  Even getting Randy's stuff from GPC proved to be difficult but that is another segment.It will be seven months since Randy died on April 13 2014 so I will unpack his stuff on November 13, 2014. 

I am still thinking on how to deconstruct the Calder Report: there is so much information to deconstruct.  I still cannot believe VCH doing this.  I cannot understand why the media isn't investigating the report.  Just leaving me by myself with the sharks isn't right.

PS  At around 6:00 pm the receptionist decided to call Yellow cabs who said that a cab would be there in ten minutes.  In a panic I said to her not to do that as no cab would come because the cabs companies are hooked up to a common computer and then no one would come if a caller called multiple cabs and I would be blacklisted.  She didn't believe me.  The ten minutes came and went and no yellow cab.  Searching Black Top cabs on the internet there was a rant about Black Top and Yellow Cab doing this.  Cabs should be designated emergency vehicles if the customer says so or the points of pickup or departure are at a hospital which in this case it was: an animal hospital.

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