Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cambie and Broadway

Today was such a beautiful day I took Owen and we went with my demo signs to Broadway and Cambie and Laurel area for a few hours.  I felt very positive as a number of citizens stopped to talk to me about euthanasia and how patients are treated at VGH.  All the time I have been demonstrating since April 1 2015 I have yet had to confront a citizen who showed anger to my cause.

The same problem is what do you do or where do you go if you have a dispute  I still do not know.  But I always get possible feedback by citizens for doing what I am doing.  They always thank me.  Eventually a small critical mass will form and the health authorities will have to listen to us.

When I go on the street I always take a book with me and I read sitting next to Owen on the grass boulevards. .  I do not approach anyone, I let my demo signs do that.  At the moment I am reading a New York Times best seller callled Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won't Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Health Care (2012). It was what I was doing when Randy was ill.  One of the serious complaints I received was that I sent over 1,000 emails to the health authority however not one of them were given to the College of Physicians and Surgeons so they had no idea what I was doing is what Unaccountable says what hospitals are doing in the United States letting patients doctors and nurses communicate with each other by emails.  Our health authority belongs in caves.  The reason the health authority won't answer emails is because they are afraid of being accountable and then they lie and say they answered my emails face-to-face.If it is not written down it did not happen.  What I do not understand is why the College did not demand to see the emails and if they did they would only see my concern for my loved one and wanting to know what is happening and why is it that they refuse to follow what John Hopkins Hospital recommends as best practice.  One nurse told me that the health authority said the nurses were not allowed to read anything medical from the internet as VGH had their own protocols written decades ago (because of cost cutting the protocols must be out of date). And the protocols are proprietary and I was not allowed access to them.  When is education closed to patients or their representatives. A patient or his advocate should audit everything that is happening.  It is no longer acceptable to leave patients in the dark with paternal Father Knows Best 1950s garbage.
I write this as it is a public interest for the public to know what is really happening in our health system.

The below from Euthanasia Prevention Coalition September 30 2015

The practice of euthanasia is very different than euthanasia in theory.

In reality, legalizing euthanasia gives doctors the right, in law, to cause the death of their patients. The decision to lethally inject a patient is made by two doctors without third-party oversight and the doctor is required to report their decision after the patient has died.

The concept that euthanasia is about individual choice and autonomy is only a theory.

In other jurisdictions there is proof that the law is misused, that lives are ended without request, that the reporting procedure is intentionally ignored, and that euthanasia is regularly ending the lives of people who are depressed and/or incompetent.

In theory euthanasia appears to offer freedom; in reality, legalizing euthanasia is not safe.

all what I write is for public interest


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