Wednesday, December 28, 2016

a Steeler's hat

For some reason I am again obsessing about when I wanted to get a Steeler's hat from Ro so I could bury it with Randy.   She said that his possessions did not belong to me (his wife and best friend); they belonged to the public guardian and trustee.  I cannot understand how she is still the manager of George Pearson Centre.  This was ridiculous.  She could not understand that after Randy died all his possessions belonged to me.

The purpose of getting the public guardian and trustee was to deny me access to Randy.  Once the public guardian and trustee becomes committee that means the public guardian and trustee controls every aspect of a patient's life including visitors.  GPC management was spiteful. They knew exactly what they were doing.

This after she convinced the public guardian and trustee to take away my legal rights to Randy by getting the PGT to revoke my power of attorney.  I do no know what she said to the PGT but she told me that she had reported me to what end I did not know at that time.  I remember saying to her that she had nothing on me except me sending out emails to which rarely I got a reply.  She asked me about finances and my personal life.  I told her it was none of her business.  She assured me it was. I did not know her job was to be a spy.  I thought everything in a hospital was suppose to be confidential.  I subsequently read that 80% of all referrals to the PGT come from hospitals.  So do not try to be friendly with any health provider as they will report you.  They will never report each other for criminal or unethical behaviors, but they report patients and visitors.

I also remember before the public guardian and trustee got involved, she told me to take home most of Randy's belongings.  This was in December   She said it cluttered up his space.  It was cluttered for three years and all or a sudden she wanted neat.  This was in December 2013 days before I had to face another Do Not Remove. She knew that Randy was close to death and she wanted his stuff out of GPC to make her job easier when he died.  Randy became acutely sick on December 26, 2013 and I had to fight with GPC that he had to go back to acute care.  I now realize that GPC put Randy under a slow code which is illegal.  Again Randy was so fragile if he did not go to acute he would have died. We were told that there was a Do Not Remove Order on Randy so that he could not leave George Pearson Centre and also the doctor instructed staff not to phone him.  Vancouver General Hospital kept him for three to four weeks and then they sent him back to George Pearson Centre against our wishes.

The health authorities for years kept sending Randy back to GPC, a place where he was not safe.

Randy was not convicted of a crime so that the state can send a criminal to where they want.  Randy had an accident and he needed a place where he would be safe and not an institution that did everything to dislodge me from him so he would feel isolated and DNRs could be placed on him without me knowing.

How can we trust hospitals to be safe when one-third of all hospital deaths are attributed to medical errors.

The mantra of the health authorities on how they deal with family:  (1) delay (2) deny (3)divide family from patient (4) discredit (5) demoralize.  I was a witness/victim in every single stage.

When I would tell VGH and St. Paul that it was not safe for Randy to be returned to GPC, they did not investigate or even want to know the details.

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