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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Randy November 2013

I remember when Randy was transferred to George Pearson Centre from Vancouver General Hospital in November 2013, no one would tell me where he was.  He was gone and when I went to the nurses station they were all there maybe one-half dozen of staff milling around.  It was policy.  If a patient is transferred VGH will not tell you where he went.  I was extremely upset and not one of them would help me. It was as if they were laughing at me.They knew something that I did not and they enjoyed seeing me in distress.  I was not an occasional visitor, they all knew me, I would go to see Randy every single day. VGH knew for weeks ahead that Randy was to be sent to George Pearson Centre and yet I was not privy to this information. Randy could not tell me as he could not talk. That sick policy is still in effect. So you never know if someone died or not.

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