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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Randy Michael Walker and the College

I keep thinking about Randy and why he had to die when he did.  Why VCH decided that his death should be hastened because it was in Randy's best interest. Randy should have died on November 18 2013; the near death incident could have been prevented if Dr. Dunne would have removed the  DNR Order a few hours before when I asked him to. Randy never agreed to a DNR.  I told staff that this was not what Randy wanted and for them to ignore the November 15, 2013 DNR.  The night nurse made a terrible mistake.  He knew Randy was dying and instead of waiting until he died he phoned me and I rushed to George Pearson Centre.  When Randy saw me he was reaching out for me to save his life.  Since he had a purported DNR/DNT on him, the staff refused to do anything.  I phoned 911.  Chaos.

Because of my intervention I was able to save Randy's life. Mostly he needed a vent assist.  As soon as Randy was stabilized I contacted the police as I believed that Dr. Dunne by putting on a DNR Order was somehow criminally culpable (attempted homicide) and notified the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons.  VGH Emergency and the ambulance people knew of what happened as well as the police as 911 attended.

Considering the seriousness of my allegation and the seemingly apparent culpability of Dr. Dunne, the College should have immediately suspended Dr. Dunne pending an investigation. Yes, the College has the power to suspend a doctor in the public interest. I also asked that Dr. Dunne be replaced as Randy's doctor and this request was refused. Dr. Dunne should have reclused himself.  The only reason that I even knew of the DNR/DNT was that I asked a nurse on November 15 2013, what Randy's status was, and I was showed the DNR/DNT Order signed by Dr. Dunne. On 14 November 2013 Randy was in VGH and his status was Full Code, Level IV. Randy was 57. He had no disease nor was he in pain.

After that, VCH went on a further sojourn to discredit and demoralize me claiming that I did not have Randy's best interest and I was incapable to be Randy's substitute decision maker.   VCH took this to the Public Guardian and Trustee and VCH stripped me and Randy of all his rights.  What was Randy's best interest.  Was it that his death be hastened.

After Randy died I wasn't able to access any of Randy's things as Randy was now the property of the Public Guardian and Trustee. He had become a non-person.  I wanted to place one of Randy's Steeler's baseball caps in his coffin as he wore a cap even when he was sleeping. The manager at GPC refused to give me one of his hats.  Randy was dead and GPC were still being bullies.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons' Decision said that Randy was among things too sick as he had a temperature of 39.9 rendering him incapable of making any medical decisions.  The Certificate of  Incapability was made (rubbered stamped on the recommendation of the PGT) by VCH who issued the CI on April 4 2014; the day Randy should have died was 18 November 2013; the day I was banned from ever seeing Randy again was January 29 2014 (with the help of the Public Guardian and Trustee).  I was never told that I was being investigated or that Randy was.

Because of my correspondence to the PGT, I thought the PGT was investigating George Pearson Centre and its treatment of patients there. One of my concerns was when I spoke to GPC patients there, they did not seem to know what a DNR was or whether or not a DNR/DNT was on them.

The PGT complaint against me was mostly based on collateral evidence (parallel gossip). All my supposed legal rights to Randy were taken away from me by the Public Guardian and Trustee on April 4, 2014 ( but in reality it was January 29 2013 as VCH 100% banned me from seeing Randy) the day I was to access his medical records so I could find out what was going on and such records were denied me by the PGT.

I really do not know what Randy died from. Maybe his death could have been prevented at that time. Months later the coroner changed the alledged cause of death from multiple organ failure to say Randy died from his accident, an accident that happened in 2010. What a stretch. He was readmitted to VGH on 4 April 2014 (my mother's birthdate). The day Randy died was 13 April 2014.

I was acting in Randy's best interest for him to live and have a quality of life and VCH et al did everything possible to discredit and demoralize me (and Randy) while saying that I was not good for Randy and I should never see him again. This questioning of my goodness happened in January 2014; prior to that I was good.  How scared Randy was. He couldn't talk or write so he could not ask questions or defend me. How horrible for Randy knowing that VCH was trying to hasten his death and and how horrific it was for me knowing I could not save him.  My bereavement will never end.

Randy was only 53 years old when he had his accident, he had a traumatic brain injury in 2010, he had no disease, he was not in pain. Randy had a trach so he could not talk. So why did VCH want to hasten his death and ban me from ever seeing him again.

A DNT Order is a Do Not Transfer Order so if a patient is in medical distress the patient would not go to acute care (VGH) for treatment. As far as I am concerned it is a death sentence.  The DNT was a guarantee that the nurses would not even attempt to overrule as it was a Doctor's Order and they were instructed not to call 911 or even phone the doctor-on-call if Randy was in acute medical distress.

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P.S.  There is a medical-legal battle going on in Texas over a law that Texas has in which it can without explanation put a DNR on a competent conscious patient and disconnect life support against his wishes.  And the hospital is now making application to take away his mother's substitute decision making power.  I suspect such powers are also replicated somewhat here in Canada (BC) sub rosa (under the rose, secrecy) or worse yet in open sight.

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