Wednesday, March 19, 2014

BEWARE of Kevin Calder, Respectful Behavior Cop

Vancouver Coastal Health hired Kevin Calder who enforces VCH's Respectful Workplace and; Human Rights Policy.  He is the cop who VCH listened to to have me 100% banned from going to any Vancouver Coastal Health properties and being banned from being at Randy's bedside as he is dying..

Think about it. A person whose recommendations will ban anyone from any hospital in the Vancouver Coastal Health. From now on it isn't a manager's decision, it is the decision of a paid employee who does exactly what is expected of him.

Who is this person.  A security guard basing his information on rumour behind your back which is the way VCH seems works. The accused is never involved in these discussions just the stakeholders who want to keep their jobs.

He even turned the whole situation around in that I was bullying staff.

The one thing I got from him is the Step#1 Resolution wherein it states that the parties are to have conversations to try to resolve any misunderstandings.  This never happened with me.  I was never able to talk to anyone.

His statement (inferring that I am not all-together) that my allegations that staff and Dr. Dunne are conspiring to withdraw care from Mr. Walker resulting in his death.  Dr. Dunne isn't conspiring to kill Randy, he nearly did on November 18, 2013.

If I did not attend to see Randy after being told that he was dying on November 18, 2013, and I calling 911, he would have died while staff just looked on because there was a DNR/DNT Order on Randy which Order was not consented to by Randy or me. Even the ambulance driver was pissed off as why did he have to take a DNR to VGH.  I am Randy's representative and I should know of any such order especially when Dr. Dunne was and still is of the opinion that Randy is sometimes incompetent.  If Randy is incompetent or confused I should know what Dunne is trying to do. I still do not know why Dr. Dunne is Randy's doctor because we fired him a long time ago.  If you suspected or could prove that a doctor attempted to kill you would you want him to be your doctor.

I will be doing a private prosecution against Dr. Dunne charging him with conspiracy to commit murder because that is exactly what Dr. Dunne and the staff did on November 18, 2013.  They knew Randy did not want a DNR as it was written in his medical binder and yet they did nothing to stop the process of Level 2 dying.  If a doctor kills someone without the patient's permission then it is clearly murder. A private prosecution means you do not have to get the police involved.  You have to pay for all the costs of the prosecution but that is okay,. The money will come and there is no statute of limitations.
More about Mr. Calder and his recommendations next post. 


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