Friday, March 28, 2014

Criminal Profiling by VCH

I haven't got over the criminal profiling that VCH did on me; it is the lowest sickest thing they could have done. David Ostrow and Kip Woodward should resign over this indignation.

And what about the psychologist Dr. Georgia Nemetz: saying
15.  I have been further informed by Dr. Nemetz, Romilda Ang, Tenvirezohra Batlawala, and believe to be true that, as a result of Mrs. Laferriere's actions at GPC over the last year, numerous staff at GPC are intimidated by, and scared of, Mrs. Laferriere. Over the past year Randy spent most of it at VGH so how many days did it take for these people to become afraid of me. Management isn't afraid of me so who are.  I wonder if the staff is even aware that they are being used to separate me and Randy.  I am sure they did not have a vote.

So who are these, those that are afraid of me  -- they must be phantoms .

18.  Based on my investigation, I concluded in that Mrs.. Laferriere poses a hgh risk of demonstrating affective (emotionall-based and unplanned) violence.  I further believe that her behavior constitutes bully and harassment of GPC and Vancouver Coastal Health staff.   ...increases the risk that Mrs. Laferriere will hurt someone at GPC in the future.  Really.

What are they imagining. Who is this idiot  lawyer who wrote the affidavit for, Kevin Calder, and who is the idiot lawyer Jordan J. Watson who decided these assumptions/assessment//lies were relevant.with no proof. So much for Clark Wilson the law firm for Vancouver Coastal Health.  How low can they get.

What did I do.  All I wanted was to see my husband.  Even a child would not agree to their stupid guidelines.  They would just run and see their parents.  No one would stop them; they would find a away.. But I am prevented by Amazon security bullies and staff and the law that protects us all.

VGH knows how to discredit anyone they target.  Mention the word "violent" and you are quilty of everything.  Everyone I hear of who has been banned have been accused of being violent to the point of the police charging them.  No one ever got convicted but it was a means to shut up the visitor.  As for me I was never charged.  It was I who wanted to charge VCH and their employees and security.  It is as if VCH has a menu on how to get rid of visitors. Have staff say he was physically touched ever so lightly and you are a violent person; no due process, just the word of an overworked dissatisfied scared-for-his job employee or some employee wanting to get on the good side of management.

And to think that Randy is near death and VCH has done this to me and Randy. He was imminent for death in August 2013, November 18, 2013, and December 26, 2013.  And what do they do they ban me and I am criminally profiled. WorkSafe BC  (Jackie Dulac) couldn't have agreed to this but then maybe she did.

What about Randy's quality of life.  It means nothing to VCH   VCH will stick him in a corner and ignore him until he dies.  Since Randy is immobile and can't talk or even use a call bell he can be discarded at will. They even got him hidden behind curtains.  Dr. Dunne told me that a resident's privacy (the woman next to Randy who can talk and call and for help needs her privacy and her husband seems to be there making sure she si attended to all the time) is more important than Randy's safety.

Do Not Resuscitate Directives and Do Not Transfer Orders can be placed on him by Dr. Dunne which he has done in the past without Randy's knowledge and try to prove it after Randy is dead.  A doctor's word against a dead man's word.   I still do not think it was a coincidence that Dr. Dunne was at Randy's bedside hours before he should have died. on November 18th or December 26th.  Dunne is never there is in the afternoons or early evenings.  Why was he there...just to make sure Randy was on his way.

And the hospital criminal profiling section of VCH is monitoring every single word I write to determine if I am violent or not. And they are going to sue me for harassment employees of VCH via my blog.. VGH made my life hell for going on four years and now they are going to sue  me.  I hope they have real evidence and no made-up hearsay. And the court case is done face-to-face in a real courtroom where everyone can be cross examined rather than by affidavit.


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