Friday, March 14, 2014


Audrey Laferriere

4:34 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Romilda
Are you trying to tell me that your staff is so incompetent that they can't take Randy to the curbside on Saturday.  Just Pamela and Tanu can do this.. 
Fine, then I will just come in and visit with him inside.
Don't you understand you cannot do this any more.
And Dr. Dunn is not Randy's physician.
You behave as if we live in an undemocratic state and you can do what you want. 

Randy can make his own decisions as to who he can see and when. 
What planet are you from.

I received word today that your staff didn't even put his television on nor answer his landline when I attempted to call.  All they had to do is answer the phone and tell Randy that I called.  Randy is scheduled to receive six hours of care each day and I doubt that he even gets a fraction of that.

You are not only hurting me with the banning you are harming Randy from which he may never recover and for him to only remember the banning on his death is SICK and not to mention the reputations of David Ostrow and his people first policy. You know his death, the death I am not ready to accept and that all the residents at GPC have agreed to DNR and DNTs.  I doubt that as the few residents I have spoken to do not even know what a DNR is least of all what a DNT means.  If you are acutely ill and you cnnnot be transferred to VGH then you will probably die.  Darwin's law of only the fittest will survive is alive and well at GPC.  If you need acute care you will probably die and have a nurse call your relatives in the middle of the night so such an event doesn't upset the flow of work during the day and to document the death there will only be one sentence "patient sweatng profusely.".


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