Monday, August 22, 2016

It is happening all the time. We do not need Bill C-14.

From Facebook August 21 2016 author Diana Ford

This was what I posted one month after my father was put to death, four years ago, by his Hospital doctors here in Canada. He was "left to suffer and to die" against his wish, against our family's wishes, without any reason and, since he was not dying of any terminal illness, it was done against nature. My Petition seeking to oppose a system that allows for doctors to terminate the lives of their handicapped (physically or mentally) patients or of their elderly patients got a few hundred signatures, way too few to make any difference or to actually change legislation because of it. At about the same time, a dog was put to death by the authorities for being "dangerous" . It's owners circulated a petition and it got several hundred thousand signatures, closer to a million. I love animals also and of course I felt for them but that's not the point. This enormous discrepancy in numbers of of people who opposed the un-consented. involuntary euthanizing of human beings versus euthanizing animals is reflective on our society today and its values. It reflects on what is important to us and whose lives we want saved. We now have passed the new Euthanasia law here, in Canada, and those patients who will be "terminated" by their doctors without their knowledge and totally against their wishes, will be given as examples for how well our legalized "Euthanasia Program" benefits our citizens. The fact that the patients don't wish to die and that they aren't even informed that they are going to be euthanized before being put to death, will be conveniently left out of the narrative. In my father's case, when it was first picked up by the newspapers, it was both distorted and left out. What's coming will be a direct result of our behavior now, as a society, our low regard for "imperfect" human life and our condoning the illegal killings of patients in Hospitals. There's no room to claim ignorance as an excuse! Those who condone or even promote the terminating of the lives of patients in Hospitals, of people who do not want to die but are deemed by society as "hopeless cases" and labelled by the medical system as "too old" or "too ill" to be worthy of maintaining alive, think that this is a proper way to save money. What they don't know, but will undoubtedly find out, is that no one will ever lower their taxes because of this system of euthanizing the vulnerable instead of treating them and that the system will "terminate" their lives just as fast, when they become old or incapable, when they do not wish to die and when their own families will feel powerless and devastated. All the money they "saved" or, for that matter, all the money in the world won't help them then. When the government has a system in place to dispose of our lives and to take it from us against our will, via the medical establishment, the individual has lost the most fundamental right: the right to life. It's game over.
Diana Ford
August 21, 2012 ·
My father was murdered. He did not "die" because he had no reason to die and he did not want to die. When we bring our loved ones into Hospitals, we expect them to get treated, not executed. I realize now that everyone's parents can be murdered if they happen to be old and sick and end up in a Hospital here. Your Power of Attorney will not be respected if the doctor decides your parent is an "inconvenience", if he/she has been ill for longer than what the doctor deems "acceptable". They have an easy system to do away with anyone they decide, unless we get their system changed. The decision to live or die when we cannot communicate should be left with us or with our Power of Attorney and/or family members. Having the doctors or the jurists decide for us is undemocratic. Our control over our own lives is taken from us, If you do not do something about this, and soon, you allow strangers to make these decisions for you, for your parents, and most frightening of all, when you are no longer here, for your children. Is this what should happen here? Is this what you want? Please contact if you need more info or wish to sign a petition telling the government to back off and let us make our own decisions in this very private matter. Thank you

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