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Sunday, August 28, 2016

How horrific can hospitals be...;

The above summarizes an end-of-life case in California. We need more parents like Jonee Fonseca and Nathaniel Stinson who proved that their son was not brain dead by taking him out of the country and then returned to California thinking everything would be okay. Although there was evidence that their son had brain activity, the court decided to follow the new hospital's decision to withdraw treatment. The boy died immediately after the court order.  You would have though the judge would have said to the hospital not to withdraw treatment for at least 48 hours to prepare the parents.

This case sounds like one in which a father was moved from an Ottawa hospital to a Quebec hospital and the Quebec hospital agreed with the Ottawa hospital and it refused to treat the father and he died shortly thereafter.

Perhaps, what happens a new medical assessment was done as things can change medically by the minute, it was decided by the new hospital that the little boy was going to die anyways and so let him die now.  If he was futile then why not let him die a few days later.   Such a case drives home the message to other parents not to defy the doctors.  They are always right (not true) even though 30-40 percent of all death is in the USA are caused by medical errors.

If a hospital is intent on killing a patient they can do a form of slow euthanasia and no one would know.  They do not need futile theory.

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