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Friday, July 17, 2015

Randy's Stuff and Ro Ang and the Carter decision

I still haven't completely unpacked Randy's stuff from George Pearson Centre. Even getting his stuff was difficult.  Ro Ang, the manageress, decided that I couldn't even get a few articles from his belongings so I could place them in his coffin as they belonged to the Public Guardian and Trustee.  She had his stuff thrown in plastic garbage bags and put in a public area so anyone could access them.

She won't even let me go to his memorial service at George Pearson Centre.  I will never forgive her for that.

I cannot understand her. A woman who is a Christian, goes to church each Sunday, and visits her mother in a rest home daily.  She is guilty of doubling.  She has two lives.  The one at work; and the one off work.  One morality for herself off-site and one for her charges who she has conduct until they die and they do die. They all have DNRs and DNTs.  A death sentence.  That is the purpose of George Pearson she told me in front of a witness. Even an undertaker has more compassion than her.  She was part of the group that decided that I should never see Randy again so he would die alone.  And he did die alone. Although I finally got a court order, it was too late, he did not know I was there. How could they do this.

Where do these ill-trained dysfunctional medical frontline professionals come from. She was part of the legion who decided that I wasn't good for Randy and she and others made sure that my power of attorney was taken away from me as well as my representation agreement. I went to see Randy every single day that they allowed me to. The reason I wasn't good for Randy was because Randy wanted to live and I fought for this and GPC wanted him to die. With all the $resources that VCH has they could not accommodate Randy so he could be with me as he died.  What was I suppose to do, go into a patient's room with a teddy bear which was what caused me to be banned in 2011.  There is no excuse for what they did.  To date I have no detail knowledge of the legal reasons for the assessment except a letter dated April 4 2014 that usurped my powers without explanation.

April 4 2014 was also the day I went to George Pearson Centre with a pro bono lawyer to see Randy and Ro said I couldn't see Randy.  Randy died April 13 2014.

I am sure it was Ro who instructed the RT who I asked to give evidence at a hearing at the College of Physicians and Surgeons not to, as to do so might change the outcome of the hearing.  GPC couldn't have anyone tell the truth to the College.

There is a saying about tangled webs being woven when one attempts to deceive.This is true of VCH.

And to think that I can get the medical profession to kill me (Carter decision) as I haven't been able to get a hearing (i.e. an independent investigation as promised by Kip Woodward, the Chair of Vancouver Coastal Health, in 2011 as to why I was bullied and subsequently banned by VCH) as the psychological pain "guilt" as not doing enough to save Randy's life is intolerable. The doctors according to the law and constitution will have to kill me: a welcomed painless death, if I asked them.  It is not their call; it is mine. This is "autonomy" of the individual. The Supreme Court decision is so broad, it is ridiculous.

And do not think this won't happen, because of confidentiality between patient and doctor, no one would know. Think again. You can die and your family need never know because as in life and in death you have the right to confidentiality and so do the doctors.

Section 241 (b) and s. 14  of the Criminal Code  unjustifiably infringe s. 7  of the Charter  and are of no force or effect to the extent that they prohibit physician-assisted death for a competent adult person who (1) clearly consents to the termination of life and (2) has a grievous and irremediable medical condition (including an illness, disease or disability) that causes enduring suffering that is intolerable to the individual in the circumstances of his or her condition.

Audrey Jane Laferriere
5976 Cambie Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V5X  3A7
17 July 2015


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