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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Trust doctors and the medical associations. I think not.

Read this.  Also an account is found in Newsweek and People Magazine.

When a whistleblower attempted to bring to the attention of the Michigan medical association that Dr. Farid Fata was deliberately poisoning  his patients by over treatment, upon its investigation, the regulator said he did no wrong.

Following the money the US government was able to prove that Dr. Fata, a world renowned cancer doctor, was guilty of fraud $35 million and he was sentenced to 45 years in jail.

Dr. Fata by over treating patients caused death and injury to his patients.  His motive was money.

Considering the vastness of this fraud, hundreds of  medical professionals knew or should have known what was going on but did nothing.

When I laid a complaint with the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons I asked a professional employee from Randys medical team at George Person Center of Vancouver Coastal Health to give evidence and I was told by Risk Management that since she was an employee of VCH, VCH would not allow her to say anything.  I do not understand how this is possible. I speculate that telling the truth is against the rule of law in the medical profession. How devastating for employees to work under this tyranny.

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