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Monday, July 27, 2015

The Canadian Bill 51.

I went to a talk yesterday about the passing of the Canadian Bill 51 (oka the secret police bill) by the BCCLA.  From what I understood because Bill 51 is an investigative law (not a criminal law), it does not have to share information over those that they are spying on.  If I am correct then the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons must have the same power.  When I complained to the College about Dr. James Dunne putting an unauthorized DNR on Randy, they refused to send me a copy of Dr. Dunne's response to my allegation.  How was I to rebut anything Dunne said or even appeal the eventual decision that Dr. Dunne did no wrong if I wasn't aware of what Dunne's position was. Bill 51 is over privacy; it isn't over deeming who should live or die.

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