Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Was all this to keep me from speaking ..

I keep thinking about what happened with VCH and me.  I was naive and thought at my old age that we had freedom of speech.  Randy always said that I was stupid.  I am now convinced I was.  When he had a passey muir speaking valve inserted, the first word he said to me was "stupid."  And it is true.

I know of no other reason for this vendetta.  And it is still continuing... and the "one flew over the cuckoo's nest" will no longer be heard. That is a perfect description of how the health authorities manage not only in British Columbia but for every health authorities in Canada.  There used to be small health authorities but for economies of scale they became huge health authorities with huge budgets so they can do whatever they want. They became a shadow government with their own laws and regulations.  Doctors are afraid of them.  Lawyers are afraid of them.  The police are afraid of them. Our governments are even afraid of them. And they made me a basket case.

Forget globalization, I think we should go back to City states.

I am not suffering from depression.  I am suffering from oppression.

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