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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Power of Attorney leads to perfect crimes

This is what is happening to the estate of my aunt.  My cousin who feels he has entitlement told me that he was selling my aunt's house out from under her.  This house was willed to her church.  My aunt will be 101 in December 2016. She lives in Vernon and has for 75 years. Ever since he took a real interest in her after he retired, he convinced her that she belonged in a nursing home.  He also convinced her doctor. Doctors do not look for potential financial abuse.  Allan told him he couldn't look after my aunt so she had to go to a nursing home. And there was no competent family. A lie.  He never consulted with anyone.  Besides her family was her church, not him.

When last I visited at her home she was mobile and was even preparing her own meals. She said that she wished Allan would just go to Chilliwack and be with his love interest. Even now although she is in a nursing home, she still is going out to the mall every Monday. I subsequentially found out she is in an assisted living facility so he lied again. She did not need nursing care.  She reads her WT religiously and attends religious meetings. When she lived in her home she had help, some paid, and other help from her church.  Allan even told her that she is not to phone me.  He won't even give me his Chilliwack address, his phone number, or his email address. After she is dead (a year later) he might let me knopw. Two years ago when I visited my aunt, her home was redecorated.  I asked her if she was selling her home and she said no. You do not redecorate unless you want to sell.  Allan wanted to refresh it, she said.  I could sense that she did not like the dark colours.  I asked her if she ever wanted to live in a nursing home.  She said no.  Randy had just died and I told my estranged brother to look into it.

My cousin told me on 4 July 2016 that he was selling her home and therefore I had no where to stay if I went to Vernon to visit.  He also had no place to stay which meant that he was abandoning her.  Later that evening I told my aunt did she know that Allan was selling her home.  She said no.  She said the home was to go to her church society after her death. He husband's orders. She also said that she did not know what a Power of Attorney was but she remembered signing it.  Why didn't her lawyer explain to her what it meant. My aunt trusted her lawyer. If Allan sold the property, then according to her will, there would be no house to be sold and her wishes would have been disrespected.  The $proceeds would go into a rabbit hole never to be seen again.

Prior to my cousin telling me he was selling my aunt's home, I offered to move to Vernon to live with her.  And he refused and the social worker in attendance would did not say anything. She only deferred in her ignorance to Allan and the fact that he had a power of attorney.  My aunt was  not incompetent so the power of attorney meant nothing.  It was up to the social worker to intervene and find what was in the best interest of my aunt and also what my aunt wanted.

When I would visit my aunt, so I wasn't an inconvenience, I brought my own sleeping bag and food.  And Helen reimbursed Allan for everything he took from her.  His trips back and forth to Chilliwack and Vernon, his accommodation, his food, he even had a dedicated Internet connection.  He never paid any attention to my aunt, he was busy on social media. When he visited, he only came out of his rabbit hole to be critical of our dysfunctional family. Be critical of her church.  Helen's church friends were intimidated by him including her paid staff.  I still would like to know what happened to my aunt's 50-year old car that was in mint condition closeted in her garage. There is some serious mischief going on.

And yes, Allan had insider information as to how to rip off old people.  He used to work prior to his retirement in a nursing home for 16 years.

In the post below they are talking about millions of dollars.  My aunt only had a modest home and modest pensions.  I do not have the $resources to pursue any legal avenues. A perfect crime. And the good niece is vilified and further denied information and access to her aunt. 

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