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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Bill C-14 deaths since June 17 2016 in BC and Alberta

CBC reported today 3 September 2016 that since 17 June 2016 BC reported 46 cases of medically assisted deaths (Hemlock AID), 49 in Ontario, Alberta had 15, and Manitoba had 8.  The other provinces did not report because of privacy issues.

CBC does not say if the deaths were by lethal injection or by pills in their homes circled by their family. The stats should say where the patients died and who was in attendance.  I really want to believe in Norman Rockwell.

I also want the process from day 1 to day death videotaped.  If they can do this in Switzerland, it can be done here.

I want to know if there was ambivalence by the patient over her decision. I can just see a doctor saying yes she said she changed her mind or was ambivalent but she really did not mean it so she is now dead. This is what Judge Smith wanted in her historic judgment that the patient not be ambivalent.  Trusting a doctor to stop the process is not going to happen as the patient is going to die anyways. Why do we need euthanasia when the patient is within days of death anyways.  And all this secrecy bothers me, if you want the $state to kill you, then the process should not be private.

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