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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Competent or Not Competent

It seems to me that competency can vary depending on the outcome a physician wants.  One of the questions an assessor for competency will ask is if a patient knows how much money he has in his bank account.  How many of use know that. One would have to attend at a bank to be sure.  And is that a base to determine whether or not one is competent to make a complex medical decision.

Think about it.  Bill C-14 says a person has to be competent to kill himself and physicians say that they have to rush the killing as the person may become incompetent. How many people are going to be labelled competent when they are not.


What is going to happen with euthanasia?  Will those that are incompetent be deemed competent for a short period of time and then be rushed to be killed before they become incompetent again. 


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