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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tort of Outrage

I was reviewing what happened to Randy and me and I was shocked at what happened.  No reasonable man would believe it, but it did happen.   There are only defamatory acts against me.
Currently, I am asking the various agencies for explanations, so far none haver been forthcoming.

It is easy for VCH to do this as who has the money to go up against them.  They can do what they want because no one is going to stop them.  I had a representation agreement for health care for Randy and VGH ignored it.  VCH said that Randy was not dying when he was.  VCH said Randy was incompetent when he was competent and competent when he was incompetent.  VCH said I was a borderline psychotic which I am not.  But VGH did cause me  psychological trauma for years.  Even now when I allow myself to think of the history of what happened, I wake in the middle of the night soaking wet.  The cause is stress. 

VCH said that it would make sure that I would not see Randy even on his deathbed which is what nearly happened. I was restricted from seeing him for two months before he died and when I did see him he was unresponsive. So in reality, he was dead. I remember crying in the ICU over his dying body saying that I am sorry that I did not do enough to save him. And Ro Ang, the manager of George Pearson Centre, would not let me get a piece of his clothing so I could bury it with him in his coffin. 

I want to know what terrible thing I did to cause this.  I do not want to speculate.  I want it in writing.

VCH never documented much of anything so whatever happened, did not happen. Ask a lawyer.

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