Saturday, December 9, 2017

Remember then 4 April 2014

I just had a friend of mine visit and he reminded me of an incident (4 April 2014) he witnessed (he said it was cruel) wherein a charge ER nurse in VGH as soon as she found out who I was (while I was standing at Randy's bedside) immediately became angry and agitated.  Her immediate response was to call security and have me evicted.  My friend told this nurse that this behavior was cruel and unusual as security pulled me fromRandy's bedside.

The only way the ER charge nurse could have been alerted that I was in Emerg was by a telephone call from Ro Ang, the manageress of George Pearson Centre.  He was dying and Ro did this. What harm could I have done. 

I was 70 years old at the time, weighing 100 pounds, and I was no physical threat to anyone.  I was treated by the ER staff as a piece of unwanted junk. He died nine days later.

 I sat on the sidewalk outside for hours until I was told that Randy was stable.

Who started this hate of me.  I want to know.

It should be noted however that Randy and I were married and I was standing at his bedside holding his hand.  Not interfering with anyone.  He was simply lying in a berth in the ER waiting for a doctor to see him.  He did not look well, he had an infection, necessitating antibiotics, and needed intensive care.

Since I was banned I did not know if he was properly attended to. But I remember the cruelty.

Randy was only 57 and could not defend me as he could not talk because he was trached.


I was talking to a new friend and I mentioned the 30 November 2017 court appearance I was at.  It was I thought a simple application. But then nothing is simple...  I mentioned to her that the application involved only me (no other cases) but a security guard was standing ten feet away from me during the session.  I remember asking him why was he there.  He did not answer.  My new found friend was dismayed that they would do this.  I conclude now this is a way to get a judge to bias his opinion as I must be a crazy or else VCHA would not have asked for a security guard to be there.  VCHA would do anything to infer to a court that something was amiss.  What an insult to me and to the court.

It is the same thing VCHA does with their oral submissions.  Instead of keeping to the facts they bring up items that are irrelevant but can negatively influence a judge.  Like the time VCHA said that it did not know if I was married to my husband or not.  As if being married to him or not made a difference. It does make a difference if a judge is from the old school where being married meant that a spouse had some legal rights and a concubine had none.

Recently a non-represented litigant over a ten year period had numerous lawyers and sure enough this fact was repeated over and over again to discredit him with each court appearance. There are reasons for lawyer changing; from illness, to retirement, to getting pregnant.  Lawyers may be only hired for only one aspect of a case.

These actions are not worthy of any respect. I would call it litigation misconduct but the lawyers do it all the time and no one does anything about it. 

I was no threat to anyone in the courtroom.  It was intimidation. No wonder I am suffering from post traumatic stress.  When a lawyer arranges such a negative connotation the judge seems to cuts off any further discussion that a self-represented plaintiff might make as the judge decides it would only be ramblings and a waste of time. 

Although I am aware of what they are trying to do, it does not diminish the fear that they are getting away with such behavior and what more harm will happen to me because of their conduct.  You can only live in fear for so long.  I was bullied by VCHA from 2010 the date Randy was sent to George Pearson Centre and now even within the courthouse. Will it ever stop. The gossip, the innuendo, the false facts. The banishment, the alienation. The sordidness of it all.  Why. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Fake News and VCHA

I  had to attend a court application on Thursday  November 30 2017.  It has been four days and I still have not  gotten over it.  It still do not understand why I was not given an adjournment.

I finally was able to hire a lawyer a few days before November 30 2117 who could not attend because he had a trial in another venue and also I have a medical certificate that said I was under extreme stress and that the application should be adjourned.  To me it would seem that an adjournment would be a given.   I have seen adjournments this summer at the court house being given for three months so a lawyer can holiday in Europe. Judges are even allowed stress leave.  Now I am afraid of the judicial system. I am afraid of Vancouver Coastal Health.  I am afraid of the Public Guardian and Trustee.   I do not think I can continue to do this as I am so afraid.

I am being told constantly that I started this so no leeway would be given to me by the court.  I did not start this, VCHA did. They behaved badly.  And other actors were brought in by VCHA to discredit me.  It is easy to lie hidden by confidentiality with your words being distorted by lawyers.  It is destroying my faith in the government/judiciary.

My husband had a traumatic brain injury in 2010 (he was 53) and I assumed I had some rights as his spouse.  Apparently, VCHA has the power to take that away.  It does not have to be medical, just a glance at a nurse, or trying to be friendly, could get you banned.

Fake news was not invented by Triump it always existed with VCHA.   

I was banned for life from entering any VCHA properties in 2014 because I was disrespectful to management.  Whatever that means.  I was fighting for my husband so that VCHA would not hasten his death by delaying treatment.  

I have been bullied since 2010 by VCHA.  What does the court expect from me after eight years of being tormented. All of a sudden I am assumed to be completely in control becoming an instant MENSA and I can handle a complex court process in total fear.

I did not go to court as a means of first resort, I did it as a means of last resort.   Other remedies were not offered to me.  I did not anticipate the difficulty I would face in getting a lawyer.  As soon as I would mention that I had a conflict with VCHA, interview terminated.  No facts were discussed. The propaganda out there that the laws are written so that you can defend yourself is just that propaganda.

Friday, November 24, 2017

24 November 2017 School yard bullies

As things are progressing, I feel so overwhelmed and afraid.  I was told by VCHA it is my fault that I caused all that I am suffering.  No where does it say that the actors contributed any mal behavior.  They are all protected by insurance companies and their unions, it is only I who have flashbacks and cannot sleep.  These are healthcare professionals not school yard bullies. They cannot even be shamed or shunned as their culture embraces such behaviors.  No one will confront them and say they did wrong, they will just offer condolences by their coworkers that they were unfortunately caught, if a sliver of a complaint was made. 


Monday, November 13, 2017

Hastening of Death

There has to more than me just not being allowed on VCHA properties.  I keep thinking back.  Randy was put on the Liverpool Pathway.  A Pathway used when physicians decide a patient should die.  They are trying to discredit/demoralize me so whatever I say would have no relevance.  And I am ashamed to say that they are meeting their goal.   Randy fought, he did not want to die. And I was able to save him for a few more months.  So what did VCHA do before he finally died, they banned me 24/7 for being disruptive (irrationality at its extreme). And I was told that it was my fault that my husband died isolated and alone. And if that was not bad enough, they went the extra mile and instructed the PGT to rob me of my spousal right with a Certificate of Incapability.  VCHA declared Randy incompetent.  A Certificate of Incapability says that a wife has no say, NONE. NONE. NONE.  They with malice intent did this. 

I came across this on the internet.  It was written by Ron Panzer who has been writing about stealth euthanasia (hastening death) for years.

"Imposed death" conveys the idea that is was not a natural death arising from an illness, that someone acted in a way to cause it, and often would be unwanted or involuntary.

More important than any of these legal definitions or musings is the complete inaccessibility of the judicial system by those who are wronged.  Civil attorneys will not take these cases as there is little monetary worth in the "eyes of the court" for a financial award to make the aggrieved "whole" in the civil court sense.  And, criminal investigations by the police are not undertaken in earnest if they are done at all. In almost all cases, the police will not get involved.  Even if you have conclusive proof that someone was murdered within a hospice or other palliative care setting (in hospital or nursing home/palliative care bed), the District attorneys refuse to prosecute.

So, the license to kill exists, and many family members recognize this and "use" the healthcare system to eliminate the elderly or disabled, or whoever, in order to get their hands on the estate/house/etc. sooner, to rid themselves of the "burden" of a family member they no longer wish to care for, or simply because they are utilitarians who do not value the life of the patient.

Whatever form the ending of life takes (assisted-suicide, euthanasia, or undeclared stealth euthanasia), the healthcare system has endorsed these endings of life/imposed deaths.  The staff, administrators, and bureaucrats in government no longer base their decision-making on a "Do No Harm" or sanctity of life ethic and this is the result.


Thursday, November 9, 2017

I still do not understand.....

I keep waking up in the middle of the night wondering why has this progressed so far.  All I wanted was to be with my husband.  And with the help of Nurse Ratshed and other VCHA actors I was prevented from doing so.  I was seventy years old why did they do this.

When I started a petition in the courts in mid March 2014 within two weeks Randy was declared incompetent and he became a non-person.  To become a non-person you only have to be is incompetent and the family is denied rights to decisions. The new decision maker controls even visitation.  The new decision maker does not even have to tell you where your family member is. Families might be consulted, but so what.  In Randy's case, the same physician who put an unauthorized DNR on my husband assessed him as being incapable. Randy had no rights nor I.

I did not have to do anything wrong.  They just make you believe that you did and they document nonsense. This avenue is only a PR administrative function.  You become upset and you do not venture further than blaming yourself. They are very good at it. The world of Nurse Ratsheds.

Maybe it might be easier to understand as per the Canadian Bill C-14 Euthanasia Bill.  There is no requirement to allow family to know of the intended lethal injection.  However, VCHA encourages family involvement so the family becomes complicit in the decision.  It is PR, nothing else.

I came across this post from 2013.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The bastards at George Pearson Centre

Randy was admitted to Vancouver General Hospital late October 31 2013.  Tanu knew how sick Randy was on Thursday and she true to her word won't let me on the ward so I could see him.  What a demented person she is. Randy is very fragile and he could die at any time.

Finally, at the end of tonight at VGH, Randy became responsive to me.

I was so afraid that he might die or he was on his way to be a vegetable because of brain damage.  A vegetable created by the neglect and psychological  mistreatment of him at George Pearson Centre.

I just do not understand Vancouver Coastal Health.  They think they can do what they like without regard for human decency.  I do not know what their agenda is but will someone please tell me.

Finally, Richard Singleton advised me that Randy is not being detained against his will.  After two weeks Randy is now free and not only is he free I was told that he is also competent.  So why did they attack me on October 21 2013 and prevent Randy from exiting George Pearson Centre. What is the point of his freedom when he is with infection again and in acute care..  And I still want to knew where do these infections keep coming from.

Nothing is happening to anyone at George Pearson Centre except I am still unjustly banned. VCH is using the argument that it is private property and they do not need a reason to ban anyone from the property.  The only flaw in that argument is that the purpose of a hospital is for the patients and their families.  Patients and families triumph trespass.

I did only what Randy wanted and acted in self defence. Those $100,000 nurses that were traumatized and created the drama had a few days off with pay at the taxpayers expense. No apology just revenge by Tanu that no way I am going to be at Randy's bedside if he is sick at George Pearson Centre. Like she threatened me three years ago that she could arrange that I never see Randy again..

What has our medical system become or has it always been that way.

This should have been handled via due process in 2010 which is the policy of Vancouver Coastal Health when I asked for and even went to a board meeting and asked for help and was assured of an independent investigation of the conduct resulting in my banning which never happened..  Why should they do due process because if they did it would have to find in my favour.

Policies are made to satisfy the government but are rarely followed.


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The obligation of a lawyer

I got his from a recent CBC news talk in which a lawyer said:

An overarching obligation that we have is to be an officer of the court, and our obligation to the court is even higher than to our clients.  So, if we use these types of tactics (use of blackmail) to get what our clients want, we are undermining public confidence in our work.

Friday, October 6, 2017

How stupid is VCHA

How stupid is VCHA...

What did I do that caused VCHA to ask the Supreme Court of British Columbia on 2 April 2014 to ban me for life from attending VCHA facilities including GPC except when Walker's physician deemed Walker's condition as "imminently terminal." The same doctor who put an illegal DNR on my husband.  Imminently terminal means certain death.  What kind of sick perverted person is VCHA.  And I am still banned to this day. And my husband is dead.

I asked the lawyers for VCHA a few months ago what terrible thing did I do for this continuing drastic measure. I was told that I knew what I did.  I said no I did not.  Tell me.  They refused to tell me. There must be some dreadful thing I did and VCHA does not want me to know.

In my banning letter of 29 January 2014 VCHA wrote that it was necessary that I be banned because my conduct was not respectful:

1.  called VCHA idiots  TRUE  Bullies run VCHA  FAIR COMMENT
2.  called VCHA "trio of death"  TRUE  VCHA used a trio of physicians to solicit DNRs
3.  swearing in emails  NOT SURE
4.  sending emails to staff  TRUE  How else can you communicate with staff
5.  sending emails to the Chairman of the Board  TRUE  The boss should know what is going on
6.  threatening staff by saying that I will get them and I know what car they drive  NEVER HAPPENED

This banning letter is a matter of public record that VCHA used to apply for a restraining order 2 April 2014 to ban me from all VCHA properties.

What egregious thing did I do.  Maybe someone should ask the new Attorney General of British Columbia.  He should know. He is the one at the top of the food chain.  The buck stops with him. VCHA is a creation of the government and it is responsible to British Columbia.  1-250-387-1866
2909 West Broadway V6K 2G6 604-660-1297

This past week I had occasion to speak to a health professional and also a lawyer.  Like always, neither wanted to truly hear what I had to say.  They rushed me from their offices. They did not what to know the details of what really happened because then they would have to do something about it.   Don't Ask; Don't Tell.  There is a saying, evil is caused by good people doing nothing. And in this case not wanting to know.
6 October 2017

I was talking to a gent this afternoon (15 October 2017).  He said that he experienced much like what I did.  He was concerned about his mother who was in care.  He saved her life twice by taking her from her care faclity to emerg.  He complained.  He was visited by the mental health police.  During this same period, his name became associated with a few internet sites discrediting him.  He was convinced that Fraser Health was behind it.  I gave him my contact number.  I hope he calls me.    

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Diana Pepin banned from seeing mother. Doctors speak too soon.

I must be in good company.  Diana Pepin was also banned.  Her from seeing her mother.  Me from seeing my husband.  And Diana is a nurse.

  CBC Fri, Sep 29 4:38 PM MDT

A year ago, Diana Pepin installed a video camera in her disabled
mother's room after she said she had a bad feeling about the long-term
care facility.

Her 85-year-old mother can't walk and can't talk, so Pepin felt after
witnessing incidents she said put her mother at risk, she needed to be
her protection.

"I had to replace my eyes with other eyes, and the camera is eyes."

Pepin's instincts culminated Thursday when the City of Ottawa fired
three workers at the municipally run Peter D. Clark Long Term Care
Centre over incidents of verbal abuse described as "disturbing and
offensive" were captured on video.

It was the culmination of a three-year battle Pepin had been fighting
with the long-term care home, including a no trespassing order filed
against her, she said.

But Pepin said she was never prepared for what that camera would
capture in late August and early September.

"I saw the [personal support worker] leaning over my mom … but then I
heard words that just crushed me," she said, close to tears.

"'Why is it taking you so long to die?'" she said the worker said.

In another video, Pepin said a worker looked directly into the camera
and said "watch, bitch."

In total, Pepin caught three instances of abuse on camera. When she
reported them to the city, the workers were fired and another worker
was put on notice.

"Trust is broken," Pepin said.

"It's my word against [their] word, but with the camera and pictures
you have your witness with you."

Mayor 'outraged' by video

This was the sixth serious allegation of abuse against a city-run care
home since 2015.

Mayor Jim Watson found out about the video on Wednesday, after city
staff were alerted to the abuse allegation.

He said he has not seen the video but was provided a transcript by his staff.

"I was sickened to see someone in their golden years, their dying
days, being treated so disrespectfully and bullied and threatened by
someone who was put in a position of trust," Watson said.

The mayor said he was outraged by the abuse in the video, but
maintained the city's long term care homes are "very well run."

The city has ordered a third-party independent investigation of the
city's four homes. The recommendations from that investigation will be
made public.


By Anita Cameron
OCTOBER 20, 2017
I will never forget it. I answered the phone one June morning in 2009.
The voice on the phone said, “If you want to see your mother alive,
you will come see her in the next few days.”

A doctor was calling from Washington state and explained that my
mother, who was in her 60s, was in the final stages of chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease. He gave her literally days to live.

Two days later, I was on a plane from New York to Tacoma. I went to
see my mom, who was still in her apartment, since she said she wanted
to die at home. She rallied while I was there, and was almost her
normal self. A few days later, I went home, but asked her doctor and
home health agency to keep in close contact with me.

About a month later, her health took a downward spiral. Her doctor was
convinced she was definitely in the process of dying, so we agreed to
put her in a hospice facility, since she could not receive hospice
care in her own place. Mom was put on painkillers to make her
comfortable. I expected that she would be there for a short time, then
die peacefully.

That did not happen. Each time her grandchildren came to see her or I
called and talked with her, she rallied again. Staff were amazed.
Still, after six months, mom’s health did indeed take a turn for the
worse and the doctor again said her body had begun the process of
dying. My mother decided to go back home to Colorado to die. With
agency help, we found her a place and she took the train, which is
amazing given how ill she was.

Back in Denver, mom settled in and waited to die. But an odd and
wonderful thing happened — she did not die. She eventually found a
doctor who adjusted her medications and oxygen and took her off of all
of the heavy pain meds. She got a new wheelchair and began to venture
out into the community. Before long, she was back doing what she
loved—volunteering to advocate for people with disabilities. Weeks
after her return home, she traveled to Washington DC to help fight for
disability rights.

Terminal Illness Diagnoses Are Sometimes a Mistake
My mother’s story illustrates how doctors can and do make mistakes
when they determine that someone is terminally ill. More than seven
years have passed since that morning in June when I was first told my
mom was dying. Happily, she is still alive. Her health isn’t the best,
but she is still in her own place and still reasonably active in the

What happened to my mom happens far more often then we realize. It’s
one reason assisted-suicide laws are so dangerous. Eligibility for
assisted suicide typically depends on a doctor’s prediction of death
within six months. Distress over receiving that kind of bad news could
lead someone to make a hasty exit and, potentially, miss good years of

Fortunately, my mother, who often jokes that she’s too ornery to die,
wasn’t the kind to contemplate checking out early. But when she lived
in Washington state, all she would have had to do was ask and sign a
form and she would have been given lethal drugs.

Some people say that’s her choice. If they were talking about suicide,
that’s true. But they’re talking about doctor-assisted suicide, and
that’s the doctor’s choice, along with any others who may be involved,
whatever their reasons may be. That’s where there’s plenty of room for

These Laws Particularly Prey on the Vulnerable
Most people of color are against doctor-assisted suicide. Studies show
that blacks are treated differently than white patients and receive
inferior care, particularly in cardiac care, diabetes, and pain
management. Blacks are more likely to die because doctors have
overlooked something critical or will not listen to or believe what we
have to say about our health and pain. Also, because we’re more likely
to be poor, we are at greater risk of being persuaded or coerced by
doctors into assisted suicide, citing the financial burden we’d be to
our family.

Data from Oregon and Washington shows that people request assisted
suicide mainly for psychological and social reasons. Healthy,
nondisabled people get support to live when they express suicidal
feelings, while people who are sick and disabled, particularly those
deemed terminally ill, get suicide medication. Why not suicide
prevention, pain relief, and home care? Would that be so difficult?

Or is the difficulty and cost of quality care the real issue? A
particularly frightening reality is that some insurance companies in
Oregon and California, where doctor-assisted suicide is legal, have
begun denying cancer treatment to patients, opting instead to pay for
lethal drugs. This is not the way society should respond to human
beings’ needs for health care.

Assisted suicide laws are a bad prescription. We shouldn’t take it.

Anita Cameron is director of minority outreach at Not Dead Yet and a
disability rights activist with ADAPT.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I am in big trouble.

I have to download 67,381 emails from google and it is not that easy. You cannot push a button and it will happen.    So if any of you know how I can achieve this quickly, please let me know.   I do not need the emails, only the index for 67,381 emails,  I am been struggling with thsi for weeks.  You can only cut and paste one page at a time from google mail.  That is only 25 addresess per page..  Then you cut and paste them into a word document which is not that easy.   Pages goes missing as you google back and forth.  And after a rew thousand cut and past jobs the computer is so slow I might has well be doing it by hand.  I have a hired a data base person who is trying to quicken ths process and adapt applications so the emails can be sorted as to relevancy. Then if this is successful, then it has to be sorted as to date.  After that I am not sure how that information  can be printed.  You still have 67,351 entries that has to be printed.  Thatt is, 2,696 pages. Each page would be its own documents.  So it would take forever to print. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pleading April 2 2014

For years I could not read the pleadings from when VGHA wanted to get a restraining order so I would never be able to access any VCHA properties. The wordsmithing was so hurtful and untrue. The allegations were so so off the Bell curve...

I was rereading just now paragraph 17 of the Petition.  You cannot make this up but a $800 an hour lawyer did .This lawyer was hired by VCHA to tell the truth to the court.... he is an officer of the court.

17.  One particular example of Ms. Laferriere'e violent and aggressive behavior occurred on October 21 2013.  On that day, Ms. Laferriere trespassed into the room of a resident other than Mr. Walker at GPC.  When asked to leave the facility, Ms. Laferriere refused, then later attempted to leave the facilty with Mr. Walker in his electric wheelchair.  Staff prevented Ms. Laferriere from removing Mr. Walker, and in response, Ms. Laferriere punched two staff members,attempted to hit staff with Mr.Walker's electric wheelchair, and bite the hand of a security guard.  Ms. Laferriere later punched a police officer in the face.

note # 1:  I had an invitation to enter Carolanne's space
note # 2:  I never punched anyone; I was pushing them away
note # 3:  no electric wheelchair (a serious weapon)
note # 4:  Mr. Walker wanted to go home
note # 5.  I could not have bitten a security guard as I had no teeth capable of doing so
note # 6:  the police denied me punching them
note # 7:  it was I who phoned the police
note # 8:  I wanted to criminally charge VCHA staff with assaulting me

How is this violent and aggressive behavior.

Unfortunately, whatever a lawyer says in his pleadings a court as in this case for a restraining order has to believed. The court assumed the lawyer did an investigation prior to pleadings his case.  How could I disprove these allegatins within two days.  It was my word against his. The court would believe a lawyer firstly as he is an officer of the court.  No matter what, this document is a matter of public record and an affront to me and the defamation is there forever.

My husband was in acute/intensive care dying while they are doing this.  They did not care about my husband.  This exercise was to ban me forever from entering VCHA for life.  For what end, I do not know.  This is an abuse of the judicial system at its worse.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Case Planning Conference 5 September 2017

I attended the Case Management Conference.  It was very stressful.

Although according to SCR 5-2(7) CPCs are designed to foster full and candid discussions about all aspects of the action in which the conference is held, this did not happen.  Although I had points I wanted to discuss, I was not allowed to. Points that came to mind in the middle of the night.  I had to force talk about a court order that VCHA was suppose to have forwarded to me two months ago which VCHA did not.  In fact today the lawyer said that it was not even sent to the court for signature by the judge.  I am getting stormed at by a judge for failure to do what I was suppose to do but he did not storm at the lawyer for failing to do what he was supposed to do so I would know what I was suppose to do as per the Order.  At the June 29 2017 CPC I asked that the Order be sent to me by email and also by Canada Post. The judge agreed.  Neither happened.

I personally do not trust Canada Post or email when something is important. Murphy's rule, when something might go wrong, it will.  But at least by using two methods a litigant has a better chance of getting important documents.

Over the past three months, I attended chambers as an observer and lawyers would get default judgment orders because a party did not show up at an application. If you give only one address and you miss reading an email or a letter sent by post is delayed then if a party does not show up at a hearing, he loses.  Costs are awarded. In one case, the plaintiff only issued the notice of civil claim and after that she abandoned it.  The judge dismissed the case and gave the corporate defendant $8,000 costs. The plaintiff was a before kindergarden teacher at $15.00 an hour.  None of the lawyers ever said that they did anything extraordinary to contact the party like phone him to remind him of an upcoming application.  Winning by default, is not winning.  It only brings anger and distrust of the legal system.  How can you win or not win at litigation.  Everyone loses nor matter who wins.

Some of the same happened to me on March 12 2017.  I had to go to chambers on an application the next day.  I was stressed and I was fearful that I would sleep in.  So I decided that since this was VCHA's application that he could phone me and make sure I was coming.  I reasoned that it would be in the best interest of all parties that I attend at the hearing.  It was such an naive assumption.  After sending him an email to ask him to phone me at 8:00 am, he sent me a reply saying that he was not going to do that. This 28-year old lawyer was teaching me tough love.  I was born in 1945. So I had to force myself to stay awake all night.  Because I was tired and stressed, I came across at the hearing as incoherent and disorganized.  I lost.  I walked out of the hearing not knowing what was said. Subsequently, for another reason, the action became moot.  So it did not matter what happened in the March 13 2017 hearing.


Friday, August 25, 2017

Moral Turpitude

What Randy and I suffered at the hand of VCHA is best described  as moral turpitude.  It is not a crime but it is a subset.

Moral Turpitude. A phrase used in Criminal Law to describe conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty, or good morals. Crimes involving moral turpitude have an inherent quality of baseness, vileness, or depravity with respect to a person's duty to another or to society in general.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Flashbacks August 22 2017

I have not been well this past time.  I wake in the middle of the night soaking wet.  This time I awoke thinking back to seeing  the conditions of December 26 2013.  The ambu bag that I used to save Randy's life in November 18 2013 was missing.  I remember asking for it but I was ignored.  An ambu bag is placed next to everyone's bed.  It is standard.  Always there.  An ambu bag is used if a patient gets into respiratory distress.  It was not there.  Randy was put on full code with the caveat that he was not to be removed from George Pearson Centre.  He was ordered by his physician that he was not go to acute (VGH) for treatment.  What is the point of being put on a full code if staff had orders that Randy was not to be removed from GPC.  They initially would not call 911.  I had to call 911.  Upon arrival 911 was very sharp with staff asking why did it take so long to call 911.  When Randy was in distress I told staff to call 911.  After 45 minutes 911 did not come so I called them. Full code means staff is to do everything possible to keep Randy alive.  Someone made a decision to ensure Randy's death was to be hastened: a slow code.  Slow codes are illegal.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Daphne Bramham and Bountiful (the FLDS)

On 13 August 2017 I attended a gathering where Daphne was speaking on the August 11 2017 decision of the court.  The court had sentenced Mr. and Mrs. Blackmore to jail for facilitating a polygamous marriage of their 13 year old daughter to a Mormon leader.

Daphne said that when abuse was suspected by hospital staff when children of Bountiful went to Creston emergency, the hospital was not allowed to contact the police. This directive came from the AG of BC. They were instructed to contact the Bishop Blackmore.

That must be the same protocol that the VPD has with VCHA.  On two occasions I was assaulted by VCHA staff and when the police (I had them called) both times), the police arrived and I told them that I wanted charges laid and nothing came of it. They assault me, they sit on me imprisoning me, they accused me of using a pen as a weapon.  But they would not phone the police.  And when the police finally came it was in response to its  non-emergency number which delayed their attendance.

VCHAstaff were following orders.  Following illegal orders went out with the Nuremberg trials.

The Bountiful protocol must exist between the VPD and VCHA.  VPD may attend but their function is only to calm and do nothing. . The police were so kind to me ... too kind. Their job was to calm me so that I did not insist on charges.  VPD did not investigate the black and blue brusings.They did not even talk to the attackers. Thinking back the VPD were very respectful as if they knew they could not do anything.  Much like the judge I faced on April 8 2014.  He would not grant VCHA the restraining order it sought but he did adjourn the matter for 30-days.  I still remember him loooking down at me as if to say he was sorry that was the best he could do.  Randy was comatose and he died five days later in ICU.

Therefore, VCHA has authority to be thugs and nothing will ever happen to them.  MLA Stilwell told me when I was being bullied by the VCHA in 2011, she could not help me as VCHA had its own government.

Thank you Daphne for pointing out the Bountiful protocol. Downloading policing powers to non-profits (churches and hospitals and the SPCA) is a slippery slope to a futuristic dark world that I want no part of.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A reason why I can't get a lawyer.

This told me after I recently asked a lawyer for help:

Lawyers are required to serve their clients in a competent manner.  If a case is complicated and outside the lawyer's area of expertise, a lawyer may not be able to service the client in a competent manner -- this could lead to a finding of misconduct or liability in negligence.

Health care law is very complex,And there are very few lawyers that specialize in it.  Those that do work for the health auhority.

As a note.  I want to thank Master Baker (a judge) of the Supreme Court of British Columbia for explaining what proportionality means.  See internet.

So how did VCHA banning me for life from ALL VCHA properties in Randy's last weeks/months of life (VCHA knew he was activively dying)  protect VCHA and its assets from me.  Did the punishment fit the crime. And to doubly make sure that their assets were protected it had to engage the Public Guardian and Trustee  and others to revoke my power of attorney and representation agreement.  Thus I would be legally barred further from Randy.  I could not even advocate for Randy off site.  I had no legal standing.  No one would share information with me.

Randy was in a private room (under security) and I could have continued to see him without offending the  assets of VCHA. .The private room was deliberate because if Randy needed assistance staff would not hear him as Randy could not call out as he had a trach nor could he use a call bell. The private room was the most distant from the nurses station than any other room.  

And VCHA telling me that its assets are private property and VCHA can do what it wants without explanation is not a truthful fact.  VCHA is a creation of the provincial government thus it is a public body subject to constitutional safeguards..The simple test is who appoints the Board of Directors. 

I am still banned for life from all VCHA properties and was told that the banning would never be lifted.  Randy died in 2014.  I can't even visit a patient no mater what. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Email February 12 2014

I came across an email dated February 12 2014 wherein Ro, the manager of George Pearson Center, was dictating that a visitor could only visit Randy for 10 minutes and not partake in any COVERT activity i.e. videotaping, no audio reording, no pictures.  GPC was imprisoning Randy, restricting his visitors, and saying that taking a picture is covert. It had no right to do this. How stupid is GPC. Randy had a right to have pictures taken of himself and his environment (his home).  I wanted pictures taken so I can see that he is okay.  But of course that is no allowed.  I get banned 24/7 from seeing Randy (because WorkSafe BC decided that employees of the GPC had to be protected from me)  and then I am not allowed to know what is happening to him. Others take pictures in GPC but anything to do with Randy was a no-no. What harm is there to taking a picture.  Ro would use any situation to create a situation. 

Saturday, August 5, 2017

VCHA is a police state.

I was thinking about VCHA this morning.  A caution to all those who read my blog.  Consider whenever you enter a VCHA property rememeber that you are entering a police state and it will take away your civil rights or even contractual rights as there is no due process.  By the time you figure that maybe you have some rights, your loved one is dead.  Anything that happened before is moot.

I am still in disbelief over the fact that I cannot find a lawyer to represent me.  VCHA farms out all its legal work to multiple law firms so there is no one qualified to act for you when you need someone. These legal firms are all in a conflict position.  It is much like a company town where the company owns the store from which you buy bread.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Repeat of Post dated March 31 2014. Randy died two weeks later.

Monday, March 31, 2014

My poor Randy

Poor Randy.  It has been two months since he was imprisoned at GPC because of my disrespectful conduct.  What has my conduct got to do with him wanting to visit me.  He has the right to see me but VCH is acting cruelly and harshly.  Why are they punishing Randy when he can't move or even talk.  I am sure he must be very depressed not knowing what is really going on.

I will tell you how mean VCH is:  From October 15 2013 to January 29 2014 Randy was in a private room in which I was able to visit him for two hour intervals.  Then they moved him to an open ward so those phantoms that are afraid of me are there and I can't see Randy.

It is the staff that is violent not me.  Because they belong to the medical profession they get away with bullying and violence everyday because they are believed and the victims are not.  And there is no lawyer or doctor who will aid you because VCH will make sure that you are discredited.  No one.

On October 22 2013 the staff at GPC attacked me because I was trying to take Randy out of GPC.  They lied and said that Randy was in need of medical attention; he didn't. 

Stephanie created the mob hysteria and everyone followed her.  She must have known that Randy did not want a DNR as it was in Randy's medical records and she did nothing to save him on November 18 but was willing to save him on October 21. No one did anything to save him.

I still am haunted with him begging me to save his life when he was scheduled to die by GPC on November 18 2013. No one was there; he was alone in an isolated room with no one to help him. No nurses; no security; no one. Dr. Dunne and others decided that Randy would never get any better -- he was chronic, and it was time for him to die.

How can all of GPC be party to this.  And then what do they do with Randy, they ban me from seeing him.  I saved his life after GPC tried to hasten his death and I am charged with the crime of disrespectful conduct.  What bizarre logic does these highly trained medical professionals possess.  They should all be charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

If Randy is chronic and was actively dying in November and December, it would be logical that I should have access to him 24/7 as it is just a matter of time before he dies.  How insensitive and stupid is VCH.

Friday, July 7, 2017

You can't say NO at end-of-life. Why did Canada not listen to Justice Lynn Smith. Lynn wanted euthanasia stopped if there was any ambivalence. The Supreme Court of Canada later decided that doctors should have the last word as they would know if a medical vunlerable really meant it or not.

Dutch euthanasia getting so out of hand that even assisted-death docs want to hit the brakes

July 5, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — An advertisement taken out in a major newspaper in the Netherlands by more than 200 Dutch doctors begins, “[Assisted suicide] for someone who cannot confirm he wants to die? No, we will not do that. Our moral reluctance to end the life of a defenseless man is too great. "
The doctors, many of whom currently serve as assisted-suicide providers, are objecting to the unchecked growth of euthanasia in their country, where people who have reduced mental capacity due to dementia are being euthanised.
Current law allows doctors to euthanize without verbal consent if a written declaration of will has been provided in advance. In addition, a doctor has to also first determine that the patient is undergoing unbearable suffering. But with reduced mental capacity, patients are often unable to confirm that their former request to be euthanized — executed perhaps years earlier — is still valid.

A turning point

Alarm bells began to sound for these doctors a few years ago when an elderly woman was euthanized against her will.
The 80-year-old suffered from dementia. She had allegedly earlier requested to be euthanized when “the time was right” but in her last days expressed her desire to continue living.
Despite changing her mind about ending her life, her doctor put a sedative in the her coffee. When that wasn’t enough, the doctor enlisted the help of family members to hold down the struggling, objecting patient so that she could administer the lethal injection.
"Doesn’t someone have a right to change their mind?" asked Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. He told LifeSiteNews earlier this year, "They sell it as choice and autonomy, but here’s a woman who’s saying, 'no, I don’t want it,' and they stick it in her coffee, they hold her down and lethally inject her."
"It's false compassion," Schadenberg continued. "It’s killing people basically out of a false ideology" that treats euthanasia as somehow good when "it’s the exact opposite of what it actually is."
In 2016, the Dutch doctor was cleared of wrongdoing by a euthanasia oversight panel. The chairman of that panel expressed hope that the case will go to court – not so the doctor can be prosecuted but so a court can set a precedent on how far doctors may go in such cases.

Troubling new legislation

That case remains fresh in the minds of the Dutch as ‘groundbreaking’ new legislation is being floated by the country’s lawmakers.
Legislators in the Netherlands have now proposed the ‘Completed Life Bill’ that would allow anybody age 75 or older to be euthanized even if they are healthy. If the legislation passes, it would be a big step toward the ultimate goal of making euthanasia available to any adult who wants it.
Alexander Pechtold, leader of the Dutch political party D66, said, “It’s my personal opinion that in our civilization dying is an individual consideration. You didn’t ask to be brought into the world.” He went on to explain that this new legislation would be one more step toward the universal availability of euthanasia, part of a process of steady incremental gains over the last few decades.

Belgium’s culture of death seeping into the Netherlands

As reported by Schadenberg several years ago, according to available data, more than 1,000 Belgian deaths were hastened without explicit request in 2013.
Schadenberg quoted Belgian ethicist Freddy Mortier from an Associated Press article:
“Mortier was not happy, however, that the ‘hastening of death without explicit request from patients,’ which can happen when a patient slumbers into unconsciousness or has lost the capacity for rational judgment, stood at 1.7 percent of cases in 2013. In the Netherlands, that figure was 0.2 percent.”
The Netherlands appears to be going the way of nearby Belgium, with that 0.2 percent statistic climbing rapidly. In 2009, 12 patients with dementia were euthanized. In 2016, there 141 cases reported. And for those with psychiatric illness, there were no cases in 2009 but 60 in 2016.
Boudewijn Chabot, a psychogeriatrician and prominent euthanasia supporter, said in June that things are “getting out of hand.” He continued, “[L]ook at the rapid increase … The financial gutting of the healthcare sector has particularly harmed the quality of life of these types of patients. It’s logical to conclude that euthanasia is going to skyrocket.”
In North America, Alex Schadenberg warns, “People need to recognize that euthanasia or assisted-suicide laws will be abused. Will assisted death be your choice or will it be imposed on you?”

Saturday, July 1, 2017

CMPA June 2017

This from the CMPA Perspectives June 2017

Document carefully in the medical record the processes and discussions around MAID, especially assessments on eligibility and mental capacity (competence), informed consent discussions, consultations with other healthcare professionals, and, if appropriate, discussions with family members.

What I like is, if appropriate, discussions with family members.  That leaves it up to the physician to decide if the family should know about the euthanasia.  Since the death certificate will say the preexisting medical condition caused death, the family would never know if the medical vulnerable person did euthanasia or not. There is suicide prevention, why not euthanasia prevention.

This is what happened to Randy.  On November 15 2013 his physician put a DNR/DNT Order on him without telling us. I found out by accident.  I was not to know.  VCHA did the same thing to him in 2012.  At that time, after I found out, a trio of three went to see Randy, without me, and he said no to a DNR.  So I was confident that VCHA would not do that again.  But they did, they put on a DNR on Randy without telling me on November 15, 2013.

If VCHA is fearful that you will talk a patient out of a decision to die, they will just not tell you.  They will even go so far as getting the PGT involved so the process is sanctioned by her. If a patient is brave enough to want euthanasia, then he should be brave enough to tell his family of his intention.

Euthanasia requests should be announced/published in the newspaper asking if there is any reason why this should not happen.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition: Ontario judge extends terminal definition for euth...

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition: Ontario judge extends terminal definition for euth...: Alex Schadenberg Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition On Tuesday I wrote about Canada's euthanasia law - one year la...

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Snowflake Allegation Defence

I keeping thinking what did I do to anger VCHA.  How can frontline medical personnel be snowflakes. Snowflakes are those who thinks they are entitled to special consideration.  They are ultra sensitive (snowflake delicate) to the point that they demand that no emotion or discourse be allowed.  In my case, I am not allowed access to all VCHA properties. Now I have to spend thousands of hours to prove it in a court of law.. But alas, the lawyers are the ones who are going to be $enriched: make work projects are what they excel in.  Their own evidence will prove that their clients are snowflakes. I only need patience with the court process. And that is going to be hard as there are other things I want to do in this my last decade of  life.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Loose Association of the truth

The purpose of pleadings apparently is to plead a loose association of the truth.  And the job of a judge is to try to bring these together so he can make a fair decision.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A time consuming project

I am working on a project so I won't be addressing my blog much.  It is very upsetting what I am doing.  It brings backmemories and tears.  And the haunting words that Randy is afraid. He was afraid to die.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fake Lawyers

Again I got two rejections today from lawyers who refuse to help me.  I am coming to the conclusion that all lawyers outthere are fake lawyers. They do not want to do real law.

This last lawyer I asked to help with Carolanne and all he did was send back the money I sent him.  At least he did not charge me $200 for opening a file.  I cannot get over what VCHA did to Carolanne.  I got a court order so that we could visit each other and as soon as VCHA found out about it they got to Carolanne and I was told hat she did not want to see me. And I was not allowed on any VCHA properties. So I could not talk to her and convince her not to be afraid.   And they will not let me see her.  I suspect that she does not know what is going on as she is a quad, can't talk, can't move, and the only thing she knows is that I have abandoned her. Who is going to tell her any different.  She is at the end of her life and she will die alone like Randy did.

VCHA won't even give me how to contact her family.  They do not have to do it. VCHA does not have to do anything.  I asked Carolanne on February 26 2017 if her family ever visits her and she said no.

Even though her family has not visited her in years I am sure that they will be furious if they knew how their daughter is being treated. I am sure they believe that their daughter has been looked after legally i.e. her rights are being protected.    VCHA imprisoned her, they lied to her, they coerced her, and she would have a cause of action to sue VCHA.

I saw Carolanne on Februry 26 and 28, 2017 and she said that she wanted to see me both times. We were going to be sisters.And no one could stop us from seeing each other as there was a court order.

When this first happened the lawyers said that Carolanne was incompetent but now that she has been coerced to do what they want, she is competent.

Just like what they did to Randy.  The physician who put a DNR on him said he was competent but the next day he was incompetent. Because if you are incompetent only the instructions given prior to the incompetency are legal.  And then to make it worse, this same doctor assessed him to say he was incompetent. This opened the door to get the PGT involved to make Randy a non-person.

I still do not know how the PGT was able to convince the Designated Health Authority to revoke my power of attorney.  But the lawyer for the PGT said that the PGT does not have to share those reasons.


Law Society of BC v. Goodwin: When court orders are disobeyed or ignored, the court is demeaned.  If the court is demeaned, respect for the rule of law declines.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Carolanne May 21 2017

I am thinking about Carolanne.  Since I can't see her she just might decide to tell her doctor to withdraw her life suppor.  But that is rather impossible because she cannot speak or write.  So a medical person would have to suggest it.  I have seen it happen at George Pearson before.  Patients are isolated and soon they see no hope, and soon the patient is dead. The only connection they have with the world is a television.  With Bill C-14 there is some safeguards but with withdrawal of treatment; nothing.

I hope that this is not the designated pathway for Carolanne.

On October 20 2016 I sent an email asking Tristin Wayte, Manager of Risk Management, that I wanted to see Carolanne.  She replied that

 "The restriction will remain in place as long as you continue to harass those on VCH sites about the death of Randy Walker. "

None of her allegation of harassment was explainedI have no knowledge of harassing anyone while on VCHA sites.  Dr. Tristin Waye has four advanced degrees but the degrees does not give her any credibility as  she does exactly what she is told by Edgar Hoover.  Am I banned from seeing Carolanne because I dare to speak.
In March 2017 VCHA convinced Carolanne that she does not want to see me; thereby neutralizing the court order obtained on February 24 2017. What a smart chess move.  And this was reinforced numerous times by their $800 an hours lawyers in writing.

Everyone who was part of convincing Carolanne that we should not see each other, should be disgraced.

I wonder if VCHA threatened Carolanne with taking away her pain medicine (hydromorphine) if she was not compliant.

I have hired a tracing agency to locate Carolanne's family.  It would be interesting to know what VCHA told them.  Or maybe VCHA never even attempted to communicate with them.  VCHA never even attempted to communicate with Randy's family when he was dying or after he died. 

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