Monday, March 31, 2014

My poor Randy

Poor Randy.  It has been two months since he was imprisoned at GPC because of my disrespectful conduct.  What has my conduct got to do with him wanting to visit me.  He has the right to see me but VCH is acting cruelly and harshly.  Why are they punishing Randy when he can't move or even talk.  I am sure he must be very depressed not knowing what is really going on.

I will tell you how mean VCH is:  From October 15 2013 to January 29 2014 Randy was in a private room in which I was able to visit him for two hour intervals.  Then they moved him to an open ward so those phantoms that are afraid of me are there and I can't see Randy.

It is the staff that is violent not me.  Because they belong to the medical profession they get away with bullying and violence everyday because they are believed and the victims are not.  And there is no lawyer or doctor who will aid you because VCH will make sure that they are discredited.  No one.

On October 22 2013 the staff at GPC attacked me because I was trying to take Randy out of GPC.  They lied and said that Randy was in need of medical attention; he didn't. 

Stephanie created the mob hysteria and everyone followed her.  She must have known that Randy did not want a DNR as it was in Randy's medical records and she did nothing to save him. but was willing to save him on October 22.  No one did anything to save him.

I still am haunted with him begging me to save his life when he was scheduled to die by GPC on November 18 2013. No one was there; he was alone in an isolated room with no one to help him. No nurses; no security; no one. Dr. Dunne and others decided that Randy would never get any better -- he was chronic, and it was time for him to die.

How can all of GPC be party to this.  And then what do they do with Randy, they ban me from seeing him.  I saved his life after GPC tried to hasten his death and I am charged with the crime of disrespectful conduct.  What bizarre logic does these highly trained medical professionals possess.  They should all be charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

If Randy is chronic and was actively dying in November and December, it would be logical that I should have access to him 24/7 as it is just a matter of time before he dies.  How insensitive and stupid is VCH.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

If you want to hasten your life do not agree to DNRs.

On Janaury 29 2014 I received a letter from VCH saying that I can't visit Randy who is a quad and can't talk for three months because of my disrespectful conduct.  What is MY disrespectful conduct and what has that got to do with seeing Randy.  I am his only advocate and friend and VCH has this idea to punish him like in a third world so I do not say anything.  GPC is suppose to be a residential community it is not acute care or intensive care so disrespectful conduct would have a different meaning.  For example, what your behavior is in your church is different than your behavior in your home. At GPC the method of living is the Eden principle where it is a home-like atmosphere based on being spontaneous and showing emotion.

From October 14 2013 Randy was in a private room with me having very very little access to anyone as a security guard was posted outside and I was not allowed to talk to anyone.  So why didn't they leave me there with Randy.  Why did they move him to a Ward where the phantoms that are afraid of me are stationed.  There is more to this than just my questionable disrespectful conduct.  During the time from October 14 2013 to January 29 2014 I know of no incident that would be described as disrespectful or any mention as such..

The truth is VCH does not want me to talk to anyone and tell them of my experiences of what really VCH is doing.  Think about it.  Having mostly all residents of GPC agree to a Do Not Transfer Order so that if they need acute care they in all probability will die at GPC as GPC is not equipped to handle acute emergencies.  I thought Do Not Resuscitate Orders were bad enough but coupled with Do Not Transfer it means certain death. That is what they really mean by disrespectful behavior. The want visitors classified as employees and everything I see or hear is suppose to be confidential and away from the public ear and eye.  There is in my mind no other reason for it.Most of the residents at GPC do not even know what a DNR or a DNT means. 

 Like Ro the manager told me most residents know they are going to die and they have accepted it. I do not believe her.  Ro reminds me of an angel with the keys to purgatory as that is what Dr. Tam told me GPC was.

It has been eight months since the first Full Code intervention in August 2013 stopped Randy's imminent death and Randy may live many more months or years if a DNR/DNT Orders are not forced on him without him knowing. I was told by a lawyer who deals with health care at the Bentley court case and he said that unconsented to DNRs are common in the medical community. A nurse at that hearing also told me that. It doesn't matter how old you are if you are going to cost the medical system you will be convinced that you have no quality of life so you might as well be dead. And if you won't agree they will find a way to do it anyways; they will get your relatives to agree At GPC they isolate you until you give up and die..

There has to be a public inquiry into GPC and VGH as to DNRs and resultant deaths.  There has to be stats available.  If public policy is to kill the chronic ill then we the public should know about it.

I reported this to the Public Guardian and Trustee and the Ministry of Health and nothing came of it. They must know what is going on. 


Friday, March 28, 2014

Criminal Profiling by VCH

I haven't got over the criminal profiling that VCH did on me; it is the lowest sickest thing they could have done. David Ostrow and Kip Woodward should resign over this indignation.

And what about the psychologist Dr. Georgia Nemetz: saying
15.  I have been further informed by Dr. Nemetz, Romilda Ang, Tenvirezohra Batlawala, and believe to be true that, as a result of Mrs. Laferriere's actions at GPC over the last year, numerous staff at GPC are intimidated by, and scared of, Mrs. Laferriere. Over the past year Randy spent most of it at VGH so how many days did it take for these people to become afraid of me. Management isn't afraid of me so who are.  I wonder if the staff is even aware that they are being used to separate me and Randy.  I am sure they did not have a vote.

So who are these, those that are afraid of me  -- they must be phantoms .

18.  Based on my investigation, I concluded in that Mrs.. Laferriere poses a hgh risk of demonstrating affective (emotionall-based and unplanned) violence.  I further believe that her behavior constitutes bully and harassment of GPC and Vancouver Coastal Health staff.   ...increases the risk that Mrs. Laferriere will hurt someone at GPC in the future.  Really.

What are they imagining. Who is this idiot  lawyer who wrote the affidavit for, Kevin Calder, and who is the idiot lawyer Jordan J. Watson who decided these assumptions/assessment//lies were relevant.with no proof. So much for Clark Wilson the law firm for Vancouver Coastal Health.  How low can they get.

What did I do.  All I wanted was to see my husband.  Even a child would not agree to their stupid guidelines.  They would just run and see their parents.  No one would stop them; they would find a away.. But I am prevented by Amazon security bullies and staff and the law that protects us all.

VGH knows how to discredit anyone they target.  Mention the word "violent" and you are quilty of everything.  Everyone I hear of who has been banned have been accused of being violent to the point of the police charging them.  No one ever got convicted but it was a means to shut up the visitor.  As for me I was never charged.  It was I who wanted to charge VCH and their employees and security.  It is as if VCH has a menu on how to get rid of visitors. Have staff say he was physically touched ever so lightly and you are a violent person; no due process, just the word of an overworked dissatisfied scared-for-his job employee or some employee wanting to get on the good side of management.

And to think that Randy is near death and VCH has done this to me and Randy. He was imminent for death in August 2013, November 18, 2013, and December 26, 2013.  And what do they do they ban me and I am criminally profiled. WorkSafe BC  (Jackie Dulac) couldn't have agreed to this but then maybe she did.

What about Randy's quality of life.  It means nothing to VCH   VCH will stick him in a corner and ignore him until he dies.  Since Randy is immobile and can't talk or even use a call bell he can be discarded at will. They even got him hidden behind curtains.  Dr. Dunne told me that a resident's privacy (the woman next to Randy who can talk and call and for help needs her privacy and her husband seems to be there making sure she si attended to all the time) is more important than Randy's safety.

Do Not Resuscitate Directives and Do Not Transfer Orders can be placed on him by Dr. Dunne which he has done in the past without Randy's knowledge and try to prove it after Randy is dead.  A doctor's word against a dead man's word.   I still do not think it was a coincidence that Dr. Dunne was at Randy's bedside hours before he should have died. on November 18th or December 26th.  Dunne is never there is in the afternoons or early evenings.  Why was he there...just to make sure Randy was on his way.

And the hospital criminal profiling section of VCH is monitoring every single word I write to determine if I am violent or not. And they are going to sue me for harassment employees of VCH via my blog.. VGH made my life hell for going on four years and now they are going to sue  me.  I hope they have real evidence and no made-up hearsay. And the court case is done face-to-face in a real courtroom where everyone can be cross examined rather than by affidavit.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Criminal Profile

It takes  me a long long time to get angry.  And this time I am angry. The idea that Vancouver Coastal Health would have its employee do a criminal profile on me for deviating against  illogical stupid guidelines based on irational stupidity is ridiculous. Rather than do what VCH should have done in 2010 when the bullying and cruely started by VCH, the best they can do is now result to criminal profile an old woman.

 I am going to post Gavin's report on the internet as a public service. I want all of you to know what VCH is doing. You can read it and ask so what if she didn't follow the ridulous innocuous guidelines which were not written in stone;  guidelines she never agreed to in the first place. She was trespassing on government owned property to see her husband.  This is crazy.  Whose idea was it.  WorkSafe BC would never agree to this.  A undercover hospital police state targeting an innocent to make sure they have something something to justify their work.  Create a situation by tragetting an individual who only wanted to be with her husband and to make friends with the other lonely residents. Residents that no one cares to see except for their memorial service.   Security companies do it all the time and managers do it as well to cement their positions. You are taught this is university: Business 101 how to survive a job and get promoted create a situation and make yourself look good.    But I never thought it would happen in a hospital.  VCH stating that I would be further danger to staff and everyone else on all its properties.

I was told WorkSafe BC told VCH to do it.  Really. VCH is suppose to be in the health care business not in criminal profiling of its visitors, staff, contract workers, and children.. So who is next, the underpaid janitor who steals toilet paper. Or maybe Napolean Ostrow and where he gets his organs for transplants. A new industry.  BIG BROTHER HOSPITAL who isn't the government. But then they might be working together.

I would be afraid of me too not physically but because I told them I would be reporting them to the college of registered nurses for their dishnourable behavioir and acts of physical/psychological  violence against me and Randy..  That should cause some form of post traumatic stress. In my mother's day it would be called GUILT. Since reporting nurses to management does not work, then the next step is report it to the college of registered nurses and their union for disciplinary action.

As for Dr. Dunne I have registered five complaints against him and he won't be able to wiggle out of any of them. No wonder he can't concentrate in his job.  Thank god he isn't Randy's physician's anymore. Or is he.

When I was a child we would play the "mother may I pass the red chalk line" and now at 60 years later VCH has reinvented it again. They are trying to reeducation me to be a robot who sees no evil, hears no evil, and is mute.

My husband is dying and I want access to him 24/7.  VCH already took two years of our lives from us and they are intent on stealing more.  There is a legal remedy for alienation of affection and it is very tempting to start another action against VCH.

Rich people hire nurse companions for patients 24/7 so that should also extend to family members to be with a patient 24/7 as well. otherwise it is discrimination. Nurse companions are there to alert the nursing staff should their patient need attention.  And considering the understaffing of hospital personnel 24/7 criteria should be for everyone.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Trespass Notification signed by Richard Singleton, Director, Risk Management.

I am writing this letter to inform you that your presence on or in any Vancouver Coastal Health properties will not be tolerated.

You are to refrain from entering therein or thereon and any violation of this notice may result in your immediate arrest or in a trespass warrant being sworn for your arrest and prosecution.  The total restriction will be in place for the next 90 days.  A meeting will be held with Romilda Ag and me at the end of the restriction period and the restriction will be reassessed based on you behaviour during the period of time.

If I am banned from Vancouver Coastal Health properties how can my behavior be assessed.  The statement is totally stupid.  What is VCH's Kevin Calder the investigator going to do, follow me for ninety days off site and watch me sleep..

What VCH is doing is nonsense and totally bizarre and costly.

What they are doing is imprisoning Randy for ninety days; taking his right to associate with me; not allowing me to fulfill the judiciary duties of the Representative Agreement, and othter legislation and worse not allowing me to be able to see Randy and alert staff as staff is minimal at GPC and even if they are running around they can be too busy to notice if Randy was in trouble and they could very easily overlook Randy because he cannot call out for help or even use his call bell.

By not allowing me to be with Randy GPC is putting him at significant risk of dying.  GPC are making sure that if Randy gets a high heart rate that I won't be there to get a nurse to assist and he will die like he nearly died on November 18, 2013 and December 26, 2013.

I do not know what VGH's agenda is but they sure do not care about Randy.  Randy is very fragile and can die at any time. Why should he die under these circumstances because of a criminal profile report done by Kevin Calder and VGH agrees with deny Randy by presence.

On November 14, 2013, while Dr. Dunne was telling everyone at GPC that Randy was dying he had just transferred from VGH the evening before and I was told by his VGH doctor that there was nothing wrong with him and for me not to worry.  So a few hours later Dr. Dunne was preparing a death room for Randy to die in.

He didn't die that day but on November 18, 2013, he was actively dying.

He can die at any moment and I can't be at his bedside because of this trespass order based on nothing more than my wanting to be with Randy.  How can I wanting to be with Randy translate to me being a person to be afraid of.  Staff at GPC is known to be rude and anything you say or do can be used against you. 

The court hearing is April 9 2014 and I hope that the judge sees through all the innuendo and hearsay that VCH is good at creating.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

VGH wants Audrey banned forever

In an email fom he lawyers for Vancouver Coastal Health they are prepared to go to court to have me banned forever.  Good luck to them.



Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kevin Calder and VGH

I was thinking about how far and stupid Vancouver Coastal Health would go with the criminal profile assessment did by Kevin Calder.  Over what.  I wanting to see Randy.  How stupid is VCH. What I am saying is that Vancouver Coastal Health management is flawed in that they couldn't solve a simple problem which they started in 2010. They allowed this to escalate to where it is now.  They now are wanting me to never see Randy again.  What a cruel indictment. I was told two years ago by Dr. Tang that Randy would not live for more than two years and now it is year three. So it is just a matter of time before he dies.

11.  I believe that Mrs. Laferriere is incapable of adhering to any limitations that are placed on her access to Mr. Walker or to GPC and further believe that the only tenable solution to this situation is a complete ban on Ms. Laferriere's access to Mr. Walker. 

We should all be shocked at the methods used by VCH.

Should anyone want to read this report, let me know.

Why should there be any limitations placed on Mrs. Laferriere. And what is the purpose of the limitations. VCH can do what they want just because they can.

Also, what about Mr. Walker.  his rights to access me has been denied.  He has the right to see me whenever he can and VGH has no right to create a situation where he cannot.

Death or treatment.

It is not death, it is treatment.  I sure would like to know how Dr. Dunne convinced the police of that. Dunne walks away and some cop is lead to believe that a DNR is treatment without consent rather than a sentence of death. How could that have happened.

Public Notice


Dr says he has plateaued.  However truth is his health is fragile, he can't be expected to live a long time, he should be allowed to spend his remaining time with his loved one = you. You spend time with him and talk to him and lavish attention on him. They(GPC) sure are not going to do that.  Why should this poor man be deprived of his only companion and the only person who cares for him as a family member during the short time he has left. It is inhuman to keep the two of you apart. (quote from a friend)

Randy (1956) did not consent to a

Do Not Resuscitate Order 

15 November 2013
By stealth VCH doctors put it on his chart
as he gets frequent pneumonia
that is costly to treat

Randy gets critical and I am called
18 November 2013 @ 11:20 pm
I was told Randy is dying
He was actively dying when I arrived
Wife calls 911 to the dismay of staff
Chaos erupts at GPC
Randy recovers at VGH

Randy is still fragile and dying
And I should accept it
this I was told by GPC
The banning is beyond cruelty
each time he hears my name, he cries
VCH actions are inexcusable and cruel
no matter the kindergarten justification
the banning must be lifted before he dies 

Wife 100% banned from all VCH properties
For being disrespectful to staff
There is no basis for staff to be afraid of anything
All my blog entries are factual and now
VCH wants to ban my voice

Phone Kip Woodward (Chairman of VCH) 604.682.7661/604.875.4111
Phone your MLA
Phone your church
Phone your media
Phone your friends
5976 CambieStreet Vancouver BC  V5Z 3A9  March 21 2014

I need public support so please call someone. If I am being denied access while my husband it dying, it could happen to you as well. No oneshould not be prevented from being with their husband while he is hospitalized..The frivolous issues they are using are not in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice because they are arbitrary, overbroad and grossly disproportionate in its effect. I have done nothing to harm anyone. I want to see Randy as is my right and do my duty as his fiduciary.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Due Process by GPC

I was told that the lawyer for VCH is going to ask that I be banned 100% from all VCH properties.  Based on what a report written recommendation by a security guard whose report is so grossly false that it shouuld be trashed.  This report is not based on the history of what happened nor the law.  He comes across as being a forsenic criminal profiler except I am not a criminal and I resent this invasion of lies and half truths.  Like Moirs Stillwel said VCH has its own government and it can use what false they need to justify whatever they do.

The Affidavit of Dr. James Dunne is equally inconsistent and inaccurate.  During the three years he has been Randy's physician (although he has been fired, he still is) he only talked to me for a total of twenty minutes in a three year period.

During that time I sent him letters, emails and phone calls and he never answered one of them.

Paragraph 11 really was a shocker him saying that on several occasions in 2012 and 2013 I had taken Randy off ward as if I had illegally taken him. Dunne doesn't even understand that no resident is a prisoner in his care.   I have taken Randy off the ward every single day that I could from October 2011 to June 30 2013 for clsoe to two years and if he wasn't at GPC I was at his side at VGH or St. P:auls and Dunne did not know that. And he had his affidavit sworn and notarized.

Paragraph 18 is even better: Ms. Laferriere's aggressive behavior and unreasonable instructions with respect o Mr. Walker's care are interfering with my ability to make objective decisions about his care and provide the best possible care for him.  What a joke. Sounds like a cry baby.  He has never communicated with me except for the twenty minutes and the night of November 18 2013 when I asked him in front of two witnesses to take off the DNR/DNT and he refused saying it wasn't his decision to make.  Of course it wasn't his decision to make.  Any decision for any treatment has to be made by Randy or me as Randy's legal representative.And Randy is entitled to be part of a treatment.    A patient can change his mind at any time. The DNR would have been void on November 15, 2013.  VCH should fire this man and not allow him to be near Randy or any other patient.

Paragraph 12. I also want to know how he convinced the police that placing a DNR/DNT on Randy was treatment rather than an Order to hasten Randy's death. I shall ask the Police Board to clarify this.. It is very simple. Iif you do anything to cause someone's death it is some kind of murder.  It is not treatment.  Euthanasia is illegal in Canada. Assisting in a suicide is also illegal. Placing a DNR on someone which results in death is also murder. 



Thursday, March 20, 2014

Randy Sick

Audrey Laferriere

7:54 AM (0 minutes ago)

to Romilda, Tanvirezohra
I understand Randy is feeling better today so I want to see him at the curbside at 1:30 pm.  I also want a written statement given to me of his vitals on each day from now on. I will attend at the curbside each day to get it. If I cannot see him at the crubside each day then I want access to his bedside as he may be dying as it takes only a short time for a fever to pitch and cause death.
 You have a mother in extended care, how would you feel if you couldn't see her.

I got an email from Ro Ang yesterday that said I could not see Randy at the curbside i.e. off GPC property because Randy had a temperature and she won't let Randy see me.  Randy always has a fever it is part of his base line after his accident.  I replied and said  if Randy has a fever that he can't get out of bed and be transported to the curbside (off GPC property) then I want to see him at his bedside. No response.  Dr. Dunne signs an affidavit saying Randy has plateaued and now Randy is too sick because of a low grade fever to see me.

In any event I went to the sidewalk in front of GPC with a sign that I was banned from seeing Randy who is dying by GPC because staff is afraid of me.  I was hoping that staff or someone would be a witness and tell Ro that this isn't true.

As for our friend Kevin the security guard with a title he is writing policy for VCH.his report says that he interviewed only eight people:
Romilda Ang, Manager George Pearson Centre
Tanvireozohra Battawala, Resident CARE COODINATOR GEORGE Person Centre
Karen Marshall, Paladin Security Officer, George Pearson Centre
Bob Van Uytfanck, Paladin Security Officer, Supervisor George Pearson Centre
Richard Singleton, Director Risk Management, Vancovuer Community
Terru Asj. :ead Cpprdomatpr. Omtegrated {rptectopm Servoces. Vancouver Copastal Health
Dr. George Nemetz, Private Psychologist, Critical Incident Stress Debrief Facilator
Sam Greenspoon, Social Worker (George Person C

Officer Marshall described Ms. Laferriere as extremely upset and observed her attempting to "hot or run over" staff with Mr. Walker's electronic wheelchair.  Clinicial staff atttempted to stop Ms. Laferriere from holding Mr. Walker's wheelchair.  This from a professional observer who should have known that I and Randy had the right to leave George Pearson Centre at anytime.  She as well as the rest of the mob assaulted me and imprisoned Randy and me.  But then Kevin's report doesn't say anything about that.

NOTE:  Randy does not have an electronic wheelchair which I agree could be used as a dangerous vehicle considering how heavy these wheelchairs are.  They twist everything.  The point is they created the situation not me.  And this whole thing has nothing to do with what happened on October 22, 2013, it has everything to do with the fact that management doesn't want me near the hospital so I can report on any medical misadventures like putinig DNRs on residents without their knowledge or reporting that the heart monitor machines were not calibrated thereby causing risk a real risk to Randy and other patients.  They want to cover up everything because he may die at anytime and GPC doesn't have the staff to monitor him continuously or even the skill as to how hat they would do if his heart rate reached over 155 again.  They are not experienced in agressive resuscitation or have cardiac drugs to lower his heart rate.  I asked that they have a nurse 24/7 with him but they refused and they also refuse to have me be at his bedside.  They are cruel and another medical adventure is waiting to happen to Randy.

It was Kevin  who put the words into Richard Singleton's letter to deny me access to Randy:

1.  all questions from Mrs. Laferriere should be directed to the Resident Care Coordinator (rather than to the nurses who nurse Randy).
2.  Two staff present when interacting with Ms. Laferriere (what a joke, suggesting that I attack the nurses)
3.  Priorize staff safety (Staff have always been safe except when they broke the law and caused violence  October 22 2013 incident wherein the staff attacked me and Randy).
4.  Call 911 or security for support as appropriate (It has always been me who phoned 911 to protect Randy's rights from unlawful confinement)
5. Specific visiting hours and he later he says I should never be allowed on VCH property so how can I visit Randy
6.  Not to go beyond Mr. Walker's rooom (considering they moved him to a ward, he doesn't have a room)
7.  Not to visit other residents or family at GPC (I have been prevented free speech and association).  There is no affidavits from any resident, family, or staff to say that they agree with this.

All these recommendations are contained in the two letters that Richard Singleton wrote me. And as soon as I learn how to scan them I will post them.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

BEWARE of Kevin Calder, Respectful Behavior Cop

Vancouver Coastal Health hired Kevin Calder who enforces VCH's Respectful Workplace and; Human Rights Policy.  He is the cop who VCH listened to to have me 100% banned from going to any Vancouver Coastal Health properties and being banned from being at Randy's bedside as he is dying..

Think about it. A person whose recommendations will ban anyone from any hospital in the Vancouver Coastal Health. From now on it isn't a manager's decision, it is the decision of a paid employee who does exactly what is expected of him.

Who is this person.  A security guard basing his information on rumour behind your back which is the way VCH seems works. The accused is never involved in these discussions just the stakeholders who want to keep their jobs.

He even turned the whole situation around in that I was bullying staff.

The one thing I got from him is the Step#1 Resolution wherein it states that the parties are to have conversations to try to resolve any misunderstandings.  This never happened with me.  I was never able to talk to anyone.

His statement (inferring that I am not all-together) that my allegations that staff and Dr. Dunne are conspiring to withdraw care from Mr. Walker resulting in his death.  Dr. Dunne isn't conspiring to kill Randy, he nearly did on November 18, 2013.

If I did not attend to see Randy after being told that he was dying on November 18, 2013, and I calling 911, he would have died while staff just looked on because there was a DNR/DNT Order on Randy which Order was not consented to by Randy or me. Even the ambulance driver was pissed off as why did he have to take a DNR to VGH.  I am Randy's representative and I should know of any such order especially when Dr. Dunne was and still is of the opinion that Randy is sometimes incompetent.  If Randy is incompetent or confused I should know what Dunne is trying to do. I still do not know why Dr. Dunne is Randy's doctor because we fired him a long time ago.  If you suspected or could prove that a doctor attempted to kill you would you want him to be your doctor.

I will be doing a private prosecution against Dr. Dunne charging him with conspiracy to commit murder because that is exactly what Dr. Dunne and the staff did on November 18, 2013.  They knew Randy did not want a DNR as it was written in his medical binder and yet they did nothing to stop the process of Level 2 dying.  If a doctor kills someone without the patient's permission then it is clearly murder. A private prosecution means you do not have to get the police involved.  You have to pay for all the costs of the prosecution but that is okay,. The money will come and there is no statute of limitations.
More about Mr. Calder and his recommendations next post. 


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Why family has to be by the bedside of dying patients

The resurrection of the “technically dead” BIOEDGE
Lorna Baillie with daughter and husband
The family of a 51-year-old British woman is suing the government for £5 billion after she was wrongly declared dead. Following her massive heart attack two years ago, the doctors of Lorna Baillie told her family she was “technically dead” and they switched off her life support system. However, once this had been done Baillie continued to breathe.  It was only after 45 minutes that her family persuaded the doctors to reconnect life-support.

Tell me what is VCH's rationalization of banning a relative over kindergarten hysteria.  Randy could have died twice first on November 18 2013 and then on December 26 2013 and instead of giving him 24/7 nursing that I asked for what did they do it created a situation to have me 100% banned.  VCH can only manage by threats or calling security or banning.  I always wondered why when I would approach family members or even residents or staff at GPC and give them my phone numbers and even directions where I lived not one contacted me.  They too must have all been threatened to mind their business or we will ban you.  SICK SICK SICK

Friday, March 14, 2014


Audrey Laferriere

4:34 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Romilda
Are you trying to tell me that your staff is so incompetent that they can't take Randy to the curbside on Saturday.  Just Pamela and Tanu can do this.. 
Fine, then I will just come in and visit with him inside.
Don't you understand you cannot do this any more.
And Dr. Dunn is not Randy's physician.
You behave as if we live in an undemocratic state and you can do what you want. 

Randy can make his own decisions as to who he can see and when. 
What planet are you from.

I received word today that your staff didn't even put his television on nor answer his landline when I attempted to call.  All they had to do is answer the phone and tell Randy that I called.  Randy is scheduled to receive six hours of care each day and I doubt that he even gets a fraction of that.

You are not only hurting me with the banning you are harming Randy from which he may never recover and for him to only remember the banning on his death is SICK and not to mention the reputations of David Ostrow and his people first policy. You know his death, the death I am not ready to accept and that all the residents at GPC have agreed to DNR and DNTs.  I doubt that as the few residents I have spoken to do not even know what a DNR is least of all what a DNT means.  If you are acutely ill and you cnnnot be transferred to VGH then you will probably die.  Darwin's law of only the fittest will survive is alive and well at GPC.  If you need acute care you will probably die and have a nurse call your relatives in the middle of the night so such an event doesn't upset the flow of work during the day and to document the death there will only be one sentence "patient sweatng profusely.".


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Email to CTV

Wife of dying residential care patient banned from visiting him


Audrey Laferriere

1:10 AM (9 minutes ago)

to bcassign
I do not understand the media or maybe I have not been doing the right things to ask for help.

I have had problems with the draconian methods George Pearson Centre manages George Pearson Centre.  On January 29, 2014 I was banned from seeing my husband who is at GPC due to an ABI and spinal cord injury for disrespectful conduct.  There doesn't seem to be anything I can do to reverse this gross injustice.  What has my disrespectful behavior have to do with seeing my husband. 

My husband cannot talk due to his injuriis and he I am told by those that visit him cries each time my name is mentioned.  What VCH is doing is cruel and unnecessary.  They are using the Trespass Act to justify their abuse of power and they think they are within the law.

In an effort to attract attention to this, I placed a notice in the Georgia Straight and after that things got worse. 

Up until last week I was able to see Randy for ten minutes  at the curbside once a week which is out of the jursidiction of the banning order.  I was told on Friday that Randy is too sick to even go to the curbside into the future.  Visitors to see Randy, two of which are retired registered nurses said Randy was capable to be transported to the curbside.

On Saturday I phoned the police to assist me and the police said that it was a civil matter.  How can imprisoning someone be a civil matter.

Of course I do not have any resources (money) to attract a lawyer.

Being banned is very common in VCH but the victims do not say or do anything for fear of what is happening to me. 


Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Sunday was a terrible day for me.  Thinking of Randy and thinking that I will never see him again alive.  The medical system is broken if this is the way they treat patients and their families.  Not once during Randy's interment did VCH do anything to make sure that banning is not used as a instrument of first resort.  They offered no intervention as to why this occurred and occurred for so long.  Management did nothing, Worksafe did nothing, the Unions did nothing.  If staf or residents were traumatized in anyway you would think that intervention counselling would happen, but it didn't.

During the times Randy was at St. Pauls or at Vancouver General Hospitals 1.5 years there were no incidents but at GPC I was bullied and denied the right to be at Randy's bedside for what reason I do not know.  Each incident was provoked by GPC and yet when I stood up for Randy I get further banned.  One of the doctors said GPC was purgatory: a place where the residents are soon to die.  This was also relayed to me by Ro the manager of GPC that all the residents know that they are going to die so that is why they all have DNRs and DNT Orders on them.  The more intelligent of the residents chose to withdraw life support.  They give up.  It is as simple as that. And to help those in purgatory, heart arrests are arranged by staff setting the heart alarms to alarm after a resident's heart rate is in excess of 150 bpm: too late to do anything especially if the resident has a DNT on him.

I have reported this to the police, the Ministry of Health, the medical review people, to management, and what reward do I get, I can't even see Randy on the curb (sidewalk) for five or ten mnutes.  What bastards they are


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Police Helping VCH to imprison Patient

Audrey Laferriere
4:30 PM (1 minute ago)

to district4, JAG.Minister, Richard, richard.hay, Romilda, Tanvirezohra, kip, Sam, James
Yesterday I asked the police to lay charges against George Pearson Centre for imprisoning Randy and your officer refused.  Randy wanted to see me and yet your officer did not even go to the ward to ask him nor did he look at the letter I have from a lawyer that says that I have authority to access Randy. 
Can you explain why you failed not to charge George Pearson Centre with imprisoning Randy..  Randy has a constitutional right to come and go sick or not sick. Why are you breaking the law..
Also for you information Dr. James Dunne, the doctor who attempted to killl Randy by a DNR/DNT is no longer Randy's doctor so why is he still issuing orders for him. Randy is terrorified of him and so am I yet he still continues to be his physician.  This is unacceptable and cruel..
You get abused by a doctor and you are sent back to him to be abused more.  There is something terribily wrong.  And the police is saying it is okay.  I think not.

Police assisting in the imprisonment of patient at George Pearson Centre

Armed with the letter from the lawyer saying that I was to have access to Randy, I decided to go and see him for five minutes just to make sure he was okay.  When I reached GPC I was prevented from entering GPC by two security guards.  I wanted for the police to come which they did two hours later and I told him I wanted GPC chargd with imprisoning Randy.
The officer refused saying that it was a civil matter.  When is imprisoning a person a civil matter. The police did not even go inside to ask Randy if he was ijmprisoned or not.  Neither the police nor the security guard would read the letter.

If Randy is so ill that he can't be transported to the sidewalk for a five minute visit then I should be allowed to be at his bedside.

Whatever VGH is alledging is an abuse of power and now the police are helping them..

Singleton, Richard [VA]

Mar 7 (2 days ago)

This visits were only for a few minutes on the curbsidewalk and they are even stopping them.  Why is Randy under security he can't run away or even talk. They won't even let me talk to him on the telephone.  What are they trying to prove.  Are they using psychological warfare to drive Randy mad.  You would think so.What quality of life can a bunch of dysfunctional health care providers can provide Randy.  They must be dysfunctional when they can't even see how much Randy needs some quality of life rather than the ceiling to stare at.
to Romilda, Tanvirezohra, me, Bob
Hi Audrey,

Please be aware that Dr. Dunne does not feel that Randy is well enough medically to go outside of GPC for the visits that you are requesting.  He has written an order stating that Randy is “not to be off the unit except for physio and Living room under supervision”.  As such, your visit today as well as any future curbside visits will be cancelled.  We will inform you if and when this order is changed and these visits can resume.  Thank you.


Richard Singleton
Director, Client Relations and Risk Management

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Randy Crying

I got a report from someone seeing Randy yesterday.  He was crying.  What monsters are those that manage our health care system

What kind quality of life does someone have when they are imprisoned and can't talk to defend themselves.  The only time I heard about quality of life is when the trio of death wants patients to agree to a DNR because the doctors say they do not have one.  How many residents at GPC have agreed to discontinue life support:: to my personal count: four.  Is Randy going to be the next one.. 

George Pearson Centre isn't suppose to be a prison for the vulnerable and disabled.  VCH abuses its powers for no othee reason than they can and the is no stopping them.

Although no one trusts our medical system, no one is campaigning to make it better.

Friday March 6 2014 District 4

Audrey Laferriere

2:31 PM (11 hours ago)

to district4
When I went to GPC to see Randy for five minutes on the curb of the sidewalk I was told by GPC when I arrived that I was not allowed to go into inside the building because Randy was too sick to go out..  If he is so sick that he can't come to 57th Street sidewalk curb then I decided I should go into GPC and check on him. If he is so sick I want him to go to St. Pauls.  He did not look sick. He was in his wheelchair. One of the nurses said he didn't have a temperature for three days and he was fine but of course she did not know of this new directive.  Also two othere friends who are registered nurses retired saw Randy at GPC on Wednesday and Thurssday and told me that Randy was in good health. I took his temperature which was 37.5; his heat rate was 99 and his SAT.O2 was 92.  Nothing to indicate a problem. I asked Randy if Dr. Dunne came to see him and he said no.  
Dr. Dunn who did this order is a liar; they is nothignwrong with Randy except he is slowly dying and they are  not allowing me to be at his bedside. Randy has been a  hostage for months. I have a lawyer's letter that says I can have access to Randy because of a representation agreement that I have access to him 24/7, access to his medical records, and access to his medical personnel which GPC has been denying me. 
The strict law of trespass cannot be used in this case.
Also I notice that Randy's $ 600 television isn't the one I purchased for him and the ear phones do not work so he has nothing to listen to. The volume is so low I couldn't even hear it. A friend said the expensive Xmas comforter that I purchased for him at Christmas is gone. Having me banned only invites staff to steal.
 The police were called but I left before they arrived.
 So much drama for a Friday afternoon.

When I returned home I read this email which confirms that GPC is imprisoning him.  Randy has a right to see who he wants when he wants and I have the right to see him when I want as well.  Since I am supposedly banned from GPC I have been seeing Randy once a week on the curb public sidewalk on 70th.  Even if Randy is sick it is his decision to see me or not.  Randy is dying and VCH is preventing us from being together.  Randy is extremely depressed and this continued separation will only continue his depression to the point he may never reach normalcy again.

Dr. Dunne offers no proof that he can't go out of GPC for five or ten minutes.  he is doing everything to defect attention from the fact that he nearly killed Randy on two occaions with a DNR and a DNT.  If it wasn't for me called 911 against the argument of staff that Randy cannot be transferred to VGH becasue of Dunne's orders Randy would have been dead.  By separating me and Randy, he is making sure that Randy becomes incompetent through terror. Dividing us also ensures that Randy will not trust me as he looks to me to save him from abuse..

I also still do not understand why Dr. Dunne is Randy's physician and Randy doesn't want him near him.  Also the wording of Richard's version of Dr. Dunne's order invites the interpretation that Randy isn't even allowed to go to VGH if he is in distress.

This Dr. Dunne isn't Randy's physician therefore this Order is not of any consequence legally or otherwise.

Hi Audrey,

Please be aware that Dr. Dunne does not feel that Randy is well enough medically to go outside of GPC for the visits that you are requesting.  He has written an order stating that Randy is “not to be off the unit except for physio and Living room under supervision”.  As such, your visit today as well as any future curbside visits will be cancelled.  We will inform you if and when this order is changed and these visits can resume.  Thank you.


Richard Singleton
Director, Client Relations and Risk Management
Patient Care Quality Office
Phone: 604-730-7654

Friday, March 7, 2014

Georgia Straight

This is the notice placed in the Georgia Straight last week. I was told by VCH that the ad is disrespectful.  VCH views the truth as being disrespectful. If this wasn't bad enough on December 26 2013 Randy needed acute care again and this time there was a Do Not Remove Order on him.  His heart rate was 142 plus and it took three hours at VGH before it went down to 135.  Again, if I wasn't there the nurses would not have noticed Randy heading for a cardiac arrest as the heart monitor was turned off.  Heart monitors are deliberately turned off so staff doesn't have to tend to the alarms.  The monitor is on but the audio is off.  And what do they do to me they ban me.  You would think they would welcome me to ensure that Randy will be safe but no I am forced from Randy by the use of the trespass act and the force of the police.  And if Randy's died on December 26, 2013, no one would attribute it to the alarm being off; it would be a natural death. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Audrey Laferriere

6:05 PM (2 minutes ago)

to Richard
I was researching at the library how to do an injunction and to get costs for what you have done to me and Randy.  If the media won't pay attention to me I assure you the courts will.  You have imprisoned Randy, you have taken away my rights to be his representative, you have tried to kill him with an a Do Not Resuscitate that he did not consent to, and you expect me to shut up. Forget it. 

And then on top of it, you saying that putting a notice in the Georgia Straight is disrespectful is nothing more than a threat so that I will never see Randy again.  There is such a thing as free speech and I have the right to express my opinions whether VCH likes it or not or where and how I express them. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Trespass Act not to imprison

Audrey Laferriere

4:20 AM (0 minutes ago)

to district4
I was told that the purpose of the trespass act was to prevent trespass for those with criminal intent. It is not to be used as a vehicle to imprison someone which is what is happening with Randy.  There has been no suggestion that I am a harm to Randy. 

This whole scenario is only to keep me from talking about what happened on November 18 2013, the day Randy should have died.  Dunne knew or should have known that a Do Not Resuscitate Order would mean certain death for Randy as Randy had a temperature that afternoon and without access to acute care he would have died.
VCH is using the trespass act to imprison Randy and cause him psychological harm.  Just to remind you Randy is bedridden and cannot speak or communicate easily.  I am sure he is terrified of most of the staff at GPC.
How is it a man who tried to kill Randy on November 18 2013 is still his doctor. 

Public policy demands that Randy's rights be guaranteed.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

This morning being Sunday I called Randy's Ward 2 to ask about him.  The nurse said I could not talk to Randy and neither could she talk to me.  What is George Pearson Centre doing: imprisoning Randy.  These uneducated health care professional better start educating themselves.  GPC are cruel heartless and totally without ethics.  They should know that Randy's psychological health is in jeopardy and they just continue to ignore him. But of course if you can't see what is happening that makes it even worse.

I am sure the woman I spoke to this morning was Stephanie the one that started the October 22nd 2013 incident and kept;lying about it.  She must lie other wise she would be in the wrong. She is still in the wrong.  She got a hoard of staff to attack me on Ward 2 and then say it was I who attacked them. 

I am Randy's Representative and if VCH doesn't follow the law how can any of us trust it.  They putt DNR Orders are patients without them knowing, they don't tell patients or even family members the truth about the care the person is getting.

 And now my restrictions are getting more tight.

One way of getting around the total three month ban was that I would ask that Randy be taken to the curbside so I could be with him for ten minutes and now they are indicating that only when it is convenient to them; no weekends; no evenings.  No phone calls.  I do not understand who they protecting or do they just do not want me to talk to any of the residents or families at GPC.  I think it is the latter.

What they did to Randy was criminal.  Putting a DNR Order on him without his consent and even when he wasn't terminal in the hope that he gets a pneumonia and his temperature rises and his heart rate speeds to a cardiac arrest.  VCH are deflecting from the issue.

I will ask the police for their policy re imprisonment and hopefully they can lay a charge against GPC.

A friend of ours called and said the security was interfering with  him to see Randy.  I phoned Ward 2 to clear this up and the RN as soon as she recognized my voice hung up on me.   I was told last week that visitors could visit as long as they want and now it is only fifteen minutes.  Policies change so quickly at GPC.

My friend said a security guard stood in front of Randy and my friend could not continue the visit and he was told that he was being asked to leave.  Provocation., GPC is really good at it.  And of course Stephanie is in the backgound and now my friend said that the police were called and are there now. And Karen the manager of secuirty was there.  This manager is incapable of seeing the truth either.   And GPC threatened two other friends last week with calling the police. Why is it that nothing happens to these dysfunctionals and we are paying for them to play..  .

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